QB Trent Green Says He Will Not Sign With The Bears

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Saintsfan1972, May 27, 2010.

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    Retired quarterback Trent Green said there is no possibility that he will sign with the Chicago Bears. He confirmed that the Bears approached him about their backup job, but after thinking about it he decided to keep his family in Kansas City. Green played for Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz when the two were with St. Louis. It's been widely assumed that Martz would prefer a backup who is familiar with his scheme.

    Source: Kevin Seifert, ESPN.com
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    Excellent news!
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    Excellent news indeed. I was never in favor or signing him anyway.
  4. bring on Marc Bulger?

    yes or no Bears fans?
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    I say yes for 1 year.
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    Bears 88 FTW