QB Vince Young Agrees To One-Year Deal With Buffalo Bills

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bills' started by Sweets, May 11, 2012.

  1. 86WARD

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    Great signing...LMAO...not.
  2. andy82

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    This X99999999999999999999999999. VY was effectively the original Tebow, an overachieving college QB who possessed limited passing & quarterbacking abilites, with a large deluded but hardcore fanbase (Replace Christians with Texans). Not forgetting flaming out of teams who reached for them in the draft and now backing up mediocre starters.

    I think that's all?
  3. Crowned

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    I don't mind the signing at all for the Bills. Vince Young is decent depth at QB, but billsfan thinks the savior has arrived, that's just ridiculous.
  4. Agent Zero

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    Time will tell. I don't think VY was ready for the pressure he got in the pros when he first got here.

    Year 1- Not a lot of expectations.. He was a rookie and all the Titans wanted him to do was learn and play hard. And he did that.

    Year 2- Had to follow up a ROTY season and expectations were set to playoffs, if not deep playoffs.

    There is where IMO he fell short. He wasn't ready for the spotlight like that.

    Then came the Eagles.. LOL!

    Dream Team.. He must of felt like he was in hell for all the flaming he got. Add to that an already brittle mind and he just fell to crap.

    So like I said.. Time will tell. I am not with BBF and think he is the second coming of Christ, but I do think he has the talent to bring himself back. (if he puts his heart in it)

    My 10lbs of crap in a 5lbs bag

  5. TexanDynasty

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    You should read the post again, I never said any1 disliked him for calling his team a dream team. All I said was i've never seen any1 catch so much crap for it. Every time any1 talked Philadelphia Eagles they were replaying his comments all season long. I just thought that was kinda crazy with the other players serious issues they don't bring up. It's strange that people overlook serious issues with some players but would ridicule another player for bragging on his team.
  6. 86WARD

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    Champion vs. Head Case. Winning when it counts does a lot...
  7. Sportsguy

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    vince young has never impressed me. I guess the bills were this desperate that they had to go after young
  8. Agent Zero

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    Can't argue that.
  9. Agent Zero

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    Desperate? Naw.. I think it was a decent move. Young will be a good backup. Just don't put the weight of the franchise on his shoulders and he will do well. If he really gets his head in the game he can be a solid starter. Prolly not HOF(LOL) or all pro, but solid non the less. my .02
  10. Agent Zero

    Agent Zero I rode the short bus

    In my younger years.. I really wish this was me. :p
  11. Crowned

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    I love Big Ben , I could care less if he raped snitches or not as long as he keeps getting it done on the gridiron.
  12. AtlantaBlazer

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    One year deal? Are we really making a fuss over this? He's coming to compete with Tyler Thigpen to backup Fitzpatrick, that's about it.

    VY had some potential, but he's a headcase and all that has now gone down the drain.
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    Why would you rub one out when you could just have s*x with her in this senario

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfSOumv-QQ4]Dumb and Dumber - Tough Luck - YouTube[/ame]
  14. Jihad Joe

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    He is stupid and emo

    He's not gonna make it as an NFL QB
  15. Alcohol_IV

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    Someone should Photoshop this, VY and his metal makeup.
  16. Sweets

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    [MENTION=2302]TexanDynasty[/MENTION]...Obviously you weren't here when Stallworth and Roethlisberger and the Patriots first got into trouble, we have threads with post after post of posters trashing these players and teams, you should visit more often to know what's really going on here.
  17. CaptainStubing

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    the comparisons of VY and tebow make no sense. They are not similar. VY can actually throw a decent ball. VY's problems are all in his head. He just didn't commit himself entirely to the sport and just never got better. He still has the same problems reading defenses and making the right throws quickly so he takes a ton of sacks and throws a ton of INT's.
  18. bigsexyy81

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    38 replies for Vince freaking Young debating whether he will bounce back? Seriously?
  19. TexanDynasty

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    Ya'll aren't reading my post very well, but I will break it down: Vince Young calling his team a dreamteam lasted throuh pre-season, regular season and even now as he is getting picked up by another team. Everything that is breaking news gets talked about for a few days and then blows over. Something this insignificant and meaningless is pretty goobered to hang over his head for so long.

    But it comes back to what the dude said above me, Steeler fans don't care if Big Ben is raping snitches and Patriot fans don't care if they were cheating for 8 years. They won the big game so everything else doesn't matter. Very true but sad at the same time that VY gets ripped for something so small.
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  20. Sweets

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    As I said you haven't been here...those instances I talked about lasted a hell of a lot longer than a few days and Ben is still referenced as a rapist, the Pats as cheaters and Stallworth as a murderer...you haven't been here.

    Because one Steeler fan doesn't care doesn't mean they all don't care...come on...
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