QB Vince Young Agrees To One-Year Deal With Buffalo Bills

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bills' started by Sweets, May 11, 2012.

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    i don't really know how this has turned into a conversation about the steelers or patriots, but in answer to everyone who is wondering how a thread about VY has received so many responses, it's because there HAVE been many question marks about the Bills QB situation and QB's get injured all the time in this league so there is a likelihood that VY will play at least some QB for the Bills this season.

    We talked about VY's abilities quite a bit when he was brought in as the back-up QB in Philly too because there was a high likelihood he was going to see some time playing behind Vick.
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    I come to the website frequently, just don't comment very often (rarely have time).
    That said, I understand your point that some people still reference ben as a rapist Pats as cheaters... but my point is that VY called his team a dream team, he didn't rape any1 or cheat or anything near that level of egregiousness. You're comparing serious criminals to some1 who BRAGGED ON HIS TEAM.
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    You dont seem to grasp that nobody gives a crap about his dream team claims. They are hating on him because he is NOT A GOOD QUARTERBACK, its that simple.
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    This (once again).
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    Ya'll are a trip, it's funny how ya'll change the subject. I never said anything about people don't like VY because of the dream team comment, i never referred to Gridironfans I was referring to the big media networks like espn & nfl network & even pft.
    Now I can't grasp that people are just hating on the dude. Where did I ever say anything about why there giving him a hard time, because I agree with that completely . I'm sure there are some people that hate him because they think he sucks but most of the people I know just agree with other peoples comments instead of standing on there own opinion.
    When I'm a fan of a team or person I don't give up on them when they struggle, I dont jump on other bandwagons that are playing great. Thats the type of fan I am and I know i'm in the minority but if you don't like it suck it up and skip to the next post.
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    That is all fine and nice but um, Vince still freaking sucks as a NFL QB.
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    A little off topic, but how can a fan of Texas A&M even stomach Vince Young??

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    i'm not sure. his whole presence in this thread and his comments are really strange.
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    Big "12" is a strange place

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    Still, I like how he ends every post with VY at the Rose Bowl, which, ironically is the last good performance he has had as a Quarterback.

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    lmao. I wish I could like posts from
    In tapatalk.
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    Had to live in SC from 12 yrs old till I graduated in 06 and began to pull for any Texas college team over other states especially USouthCarolina and Clemson. After I graduated I came back to Houston and things went back to normal. I''ll still pull for Texas colleges as long as it doesn't effect A&M. Tried to make that short but kinda hard to explain.

    Sorry if my presence is strange for you stubby lol, if you read the post a little better you should understand why I was referring to the other players.
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    Lol @ "stubby."

    So you didn't attend A&M? Could
    Make a little sense then...
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    I wish, I went to a JC. But grew up an A&M fan though, just realized later on that I would rather any Texas college beat any other out of state colleges. Doesn't work like that in the pros though, I hate Dallas with a passion.[​IMG]
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    Vince Young is the savior of the league
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    Hes not to good but i would still take vince over some of the qbs that are out there. He did have a ok game vs the giants this year and we did win
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    A few days ago, Rick Gosselin wrote an article in the DMN saying that if anyone can help Young, it's Chan Gailey. Remember that Gailey went to a SB with Elway and won division titles with Kordell Stewart, Mike Tomczak, and Jay Fielder. He also took an aging Cowboys team to the playoffs in back-to-back seasons. Since his departure from the Cowboys have only gone to the playoffs once.