Radio Malfunction Costs Jaguars On Fumbled Pitch

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    The Jaguars were the victim of a radio helmet malfunction at a critical moment Sunday in their 34-24 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. The Jaguars were trailing 14-10 on their first drive in the third quarter when they faced a fourth-and-1 at their 39. Coach Jack Del Rio likes to gamble and the call went to David Garrard to make the quarterback sneak if it was open or pitch to Maurice Jones-Drew if it wasn't. Garrard pitched, Jones-Drew fumbled and even though he recovered, the Colts got possession on the Jaguars 38. "I just took my eye off the ball," Jones-Drew said. The sneak was open, but Garrard didn't hear that part of the play and didn't think to audible. Garrard said, "The headsets were going in and out and weren't working. I had to switch to a different helmet. I didn't get that part [about the quarterback sneak]. I wish I would have gotten the call. ...The thing is, it's not in my head to call it. I'm just thinking of calling the play that is called. That's a tough break. That's one of those situations we've got to have a play. Those are the plays you've got to win if you're going to try to win championships."

    Source: Florida Times-Union