Raiders Claim WR William Franklin Off Waivers

Discussion in 'Oakland Raiders' started by MediaGuy, May 19, 2009.

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    The Oakland Raiders claimed WR Will Franklin off of waivers from the Detroit Lions, has confirmed. Franklin, who was waived by the Lions last Friday, was originally drafted in the by the Kansas City Chiefs in the fourth round of the 2008 draft. Franklin is known mainly as a possession receiver who can play the slot.

  2. Weezy

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    Will Franklin = the movie about the traveling pants
  3. russian.tank

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    How many WR does this give us now?
  4. chiefswin19games

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    He had some upside when we drafted him. He did drop a few balls at Mizzou though.
  5. nastynate184

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    a whole freaking stable
  6. Three7s

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    Don't get too excited about Franklin. When he's on the field, he almost never gets open, and when he does, he just drops the ball.
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  8. 86WARD

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    Doesn't look like anyone is overly excited about
  9. nastynate184

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    nope i would cut half the damn wr we have on the roster