Raiders QB Jason Campbell Pulled For Brad Gradkowski

Discussion in 'Oakland Raiders' started by SRW, Nov 21, 2010.

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    Following a dismal display in the first half and much of the third quarter, Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable opted to bench starting quarterback Jason Campbell in favor of Bruce Gradkowski for the second time this year. Gradkowski, a Pittsburgh native, led the Raiders on an impressive 56-yard drive into Steelers territory before he was intercepted by Troy Polamulu. Campbell’s day ended with a 7-of-19 performance for 70 yards and one interception–good for a passer rating of 26.2. Cable anointed Campbell as the starter earlier this week after he guided the team to three consecutive wins.

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    Believe it or not, the score doesn't show it, but the Raiders moved the ball a lot better with Gradkowski in there.
  3. Brad Gradkowski is the
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    Not according to Tom
  5. I was kidding...mainly because Steve misspelled Gradkowski's name. :peace:
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    Gradkowski the guy that makes this offense move... He needs to be the number 1. Its just one of those things when he's in the game everybody just takes it up a notch.
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    hey BT...I know a lot of Raider fans who really like Gradkowski, but when the Raiders went on the winning streak with Campbell, they were happy to stick with him....Do you think they should totally give up on Campbell now?
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    I bashed the Campbell signing from day 1, despite the 10 million Raiders fans saying he would "save" the franchise. Sure, he's an upgrade over Russel, but who isn't? Gradkowski doesn't have as good of arm, but he has some fire.
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    I didn't think Campbell would save the franchise, but he played better in Washington then he has been an Oakland.
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    Who the better qb is is irrelevant. The team clearly plays harder and better with Gradkowski under center, and he's good enough to take advantage of that. I think they want Campbell to be the guy since he was the big name/money replacement for Russ and are clearly willing to give him the chance to play at Gradkowski and the rest of the teams expense.
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    Guy has never gotten the respect he deserves. Seems every where he goes he wins and over achieves, and every caoch seems in a hurry to get rid of him!
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    I can semi understand what they were talking about the hot hand and the winning streak... but honestly those wins really had more to do with how well the Defense has been coming along with Darren McFadden then it does with Campbell. Infact Jason should of cost us the game against yer chiefs if it wasnt for jacoby Interception stealing catch. Then we play a team like the 49ers/steelers where the Run game isn't always going to be there and you need alot better play from the QB position where Campbell just dosnt bring that to the table. Gradkowski gets everyone envolved and has alot better arm then what people seem to give him credit for.. Im not gonna call him the next Rich Gannon or anything but they're alot of flashes that remind me of Rich.

    Are seasons over if we start Campbell for the rest of the season.