Raiders WR Javon Walker Looking Better In Practice

Discussion in 'Oakland Raiders' started by 86WARD, Aug 27, 2009.

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    Wide receiver Javon Walker, who seemed to ease into his first session, got in some good work during his second practice, looking better that at any time during training camp a year ago, when he was called out by Lane Kiffin and talked of retiring and giving his bonus back. “He’s a little rough with some of his assignments, but that’s normal,†Cable said. “He hasn’t had a lot of work, but he’s able to clear that because he’s had so much experience. He’s a really bright guy, and the net time you see him do it, he’s fixed the mistake from the time before. We’ll expect him to go after it Saturday.â€

    Source: Oakland Tribune
  2. Flacco2MasonTD

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    He better run good or Cable'll slap the crap out of him.
  3. 86WARD

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    He might surprise people this year...take him with the last pick in your fantasy draft...

    He's a dope but he had that super magic surgery...I'll put stock in magic any day of the week...
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    yeah good signs for the receiving corps. If he plays well and when schilens comes back well be looking good.
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    Cable + Pimp Hand = Way Strong
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    i don't expect crap out of him so if he produces anything at all i will be very pleased
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