Rams Have Discussed Signing Free Agent QB Tim Tebow

Discussion in 'St. Louis Rams' started by DaBears22, Oct 20, 2013.

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    NFL Media columnist Michael Silver reports that the Rams have at least internally discussed the possibility of signing Tim Tebow, though it is highly unlikely they will actually sign him. Rams quarterback Sam Bradford hurt his knee on Sunday in Carolina, and two Rams sources tell Silver they believe Sam Bradford suffered a severe injury.

    Source: The Redzone

    DaBears22's Take: You know a season goes from bad to worse when you lose your franchise QB and have 'internal' discussions about Tebow.
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    Guess that's what they mean by desperate times call for desperate measures even if it's a delusional measure.
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    I was at the game, and I called this crap, when Clemens trotted out on the field. "TEBOWTIME!"