Rams To Play Patriots In London In 2012

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    League sources have told Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Thursday night that the Rams will play an AFC foe — believed to be the New England Patriots — during the 2012 regular season in London, London, of course, is the home of Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s Arsenal soccer team of the English Premier League. The NFL games in London usually are played around mid-season. And with the exception of this season, when Chicago played Tampa Bay, all of the previous matchups have featured an NFC team vs. an AFC club. The 2012 game will be a Rams "home" contest, meaning they will play only seven games next season in the Edward Jones Dome. It is also believed that this could be a multi-year arrangement with the Rams, not unlike the Buffalo Bills playing in Toronto.

    Source: The Redzone
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    BTW, it's confirmed to be a three season arrangement.
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    You got a AFC Championship contender against the Rams... sorry but no interested.
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    But it's Jeff Fisher...
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    No, thanks.
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    I will celebrate the day when this forum has a Rams thread where people actually talk about the Rams and reaches more than a couple of posts.
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    I don't like this.
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    Meh matchup compared to what it will cost me, will be the first one I miss