Randy Orton Injured Again

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    Credit goes to Wrestling Online.com

    Former WWE champion Randy Orton has re-injured his collarbone after being involved in a motorcycle accident according to WWE.COM. Just a few days ago, Orton appeared on Sky Sports in the United Kingdom and announced that he got medically cleared to return and was expected to be back on television in a couple of weeks. The WWE website now reports that Orton will be out for an additional three months, Orton screwed up his collarbone at the One Night Stand pay-per-view in June after landing badly in a match against Triple H.
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    On the bright side, though- this is probably the last time he'll take off the field (or outside the ring, I guess) advice from Ben Roethlisberger...
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    I sorry he hurt but on the plus side he won't be back to bore me
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    I have it on good authority this is a work. Some people have checked the records in and around St. Louis and no accident has been documented. Also, to go 300 feet when your going only 30mph doesn't seem physically possible unless he landed on a slip & slide.

    Some "insiders" are saying the WWE wants to make his return a surprise, this Sunday at Summerslam. Take this for what it's worth, but Orton is going to be the leader of a heel stable of DiBiase, Rhodes, DH Smith, and Nattie Neidhart. Word is they will attack both Cena and Batista this Sunday. Again....take that with a grain of salt.
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    That would be awesome if its true.
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    on wrestlezone, a reader said they had contacted the police department in that area and there was no reports of him being in the accident.
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    A no motorcycle clause in a wrestlers contract? I'm suprised Vince hasn't put that in WWE contracts yet, lol.
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    So...I'm guessing he didn't show up at Summerslam. :icon_cheesygrin:
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    Nope but maybe he will show up at unforgiven.