Ravens Backup QB Troy Smith Asks For A Trade

Discussion in 'Baltimore Ravens' started by ravenfan52, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Roy31

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    I knew you'd know what's up. Dude can heckin run.

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    He's like Troy Smith but without the Heisman he has adequate arm strength, was the lone reason you guys won a few games. I think Smith was a 5th rounder, Webb might be a late rounder. And unlike Smith he has some size. People call him a dual threat but I call him a triple threat because he played some WR and put up decent numbers.
  2. AtlantaBlazer

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    Yeah, he's one of the more dynamic runners at QB in the country. He worked on improving his consistency as a passer this final season and he really stepped it up. If only he worked as hard before last season.

    I think someone will take a chance on him VERY late, and I'm hoping it's someone with a polished QB and time to spare. Maybe Philly (since Vick will probably sign somewhere else) or Arizona, something like that. I'm sure with his work ethic he can become a solid passer in time. I just hope someone will take the chance, I think he'll make it happen from there.
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  4. AtlantaBlazer

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    That and he was the reason we almost won 2 other games. Hell, he almost eradicated his four INTs against SMU in the SAME GAME by rallying the team back from 24 down in the final quarter and a half.
  5. Jeffgoodt

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    He'd be starting right now if he didnt get sick. He would've won the spot and he would've played well enough to hold of Flacco for a bit. Seriously he looked good when he played at the end of the season 2 years ago. I wish him luck
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    The way I Smith is, put the right system and players around him and he can be a very good NFL QB. If you dont, he will fail. From the small sample size Ive seen of him in the NFL he manipulates the pocket well, and makes decent to solid reads. Overall as a passer. Arm strength, just not there. Accuracy seemed so-so

    One of the thing Bio'd about him coming out was "leadership". The question is how much of it is true or bio filler, and does that seperate him from the QB's you mentioned in a GM's eyes
  7. Crowned

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    I don't, I understand his frustration though. He did nothing wrong, he actually did alot right before coming down with an illness. He never got another shot after that, I would be asking for a trade as well.
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    This is a case of a guy thinking he's better then what he really is, he's solid and i cant knock him for wanting to get an opportunity to compete but i just dont see where that can happen unless someone gets hurt. The fact of the matter is his accuracy is erratic and he makes bad decisions with the football at times(which could be from lack of reps). The timing of this is awful and i question what type of team player he is. I think we could get a 5th round pick for him, not much more. Maybe we do it, keep Beck and sign a veteran backup and use that 5th rounder to fortify another position
  9. bigsexyy81

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    No. And anyone that might will be ponying up for Michael Vick first.

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    Is there issue with his height? He seems pretty small for a starting NFL QB.
  11. nastynate184

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    i would take him on my team any day
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  13. nastynate184

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    dude is a leader and a winner and maybe if dhb can ever learn to catch he could recreate some of the smith to ginn magic he had at osu
  14. Daddy Primetime42

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    anyone is better than what we have lets pick him up and give him a chance.
  15. K Train

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    i think if he didnt get deathly ill in training camp last year he would still be the starter in baltimore. there are teams that would definitely consider him, he has an nfl arm and anyone that argues that is wrong
  16. nastynate184

    nastynate184 Fuck Michigan

    he can throw a very accurate deep ball
  17. The Manster

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    There are teams that will be looking for a young QB this year and might think it is better to trade for him and save money instead of using a high first round pick on one.
  18. Evaporator

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    the only way is to find a team that will start him , i think he would be a good starting QB in the NFL should he be given the chance . again a illness kept that from happening , but we only know when he gets his chance , hopefully that will be soon .:laughy21::laughy21::laughy21: