Ravens FB LeRon McClain Wants To Remain With The Team

Discussion in 'Baltimore Ravens' started by Sweets, Feb 10, 2011.

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    The Baltimore Sun reports that even though FB LeRon McClain said when the season was over that he wants to leave Baltimore, McClain has now changed his tune. On Wednesday morning, McClain posted on Twitter that he would like to remain with the Ravens. "I’m heading to [Atlanta] to meet with my agent, talk contract talk, man," McClain said. “Just getting prepared for this offseason, man. Getting pretty much amped up, you know, for this little period I’m about to go through. ... Hopefully I’ll be back with y’all next year, doing my thing, running people over, punishing people like I do every Sunday. So I’m looking forward to that, man."

    Source: CBSSports
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    Mcgahee will most likely be cut, we just resigned Mckie, i'd say resign Mcclain, make him the 2nd ball carrier in a jumbo package with Mckie, grab another back in the late rounds
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    This guy is important to what we're trying to do - I hope we get him back and let Willis go actually get some touches somewhere else.