Ravens LB Ray Lewis Says Thursday Night Games Unfair To Players

Discussion in 'Baltimore Ravens' started by Sweets, Nov 10, 2010.

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    The Baltimore Ravens visit the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday night in the kickoff to the NFL's late-season schedule of nine Thursday games. And Ravens LB Ray Lewis isn't happy about the odd timetable his team will encounter. After a win against the Dolphins at home on Sunday, the Ravens entered two days of practices on Monday and Tuesday -- days they normally use for film study or down time. Then a travel day on Wednesday -- normally the first day of practice each week -- will bring them to Atlanta. "You do it because it's part of the business," Lewis said, via the Baltimore Sun. "But I'm almost guaranteeing that 99% of us would vote against that."

    Source: USAToday
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    He's got a point. I wouldn't mind seeing these games played on Saturday night instead. But you do get an 3 days before your next game, and it balances itself out.
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    He doesn't have a point, both teams have the same disadvantage followed by a big advantage with an extra 3 days of rest and "film study" for the following week.
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    Do not question the great and powerful oz
  6. Teams have been playing on Thursday Nights for sometime.....I don't see any issue with it.
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    Me either.

    Shut up, Ray.

    Would you tell him that for me, BBB?:icon_smile:
  8. You kidding me?

    Dude hangs out with bears man......:icon_lol:

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    I hate Thursday night games because I didn't have NFLN until recently. It was bullcrap. Now that I have it though, I don't mind.
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    they are only asked to do it once.....why should dallas and detroit be the only ones to do it anyway? it levels the playing field for the most part. he should retire if he doesnt want to do it
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    Ray has really turned into a sandy vag**a this year
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    That huge check still cashes all the same Ray Ray. Now STFU and play.
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    I'd love to see you tell him that to his face.:icon_smile:
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    Is his posse with him at the time? I'll take a beating and sue his butt for millions but I'm not trying to get shot.
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    just go with it man.
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    It sucks for the road team, but get over it...
  17. themush

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    Or stabbed, I hear he likes to do that.

    And if Ray Lewis was really hanging out with a bear it would eat and rape him at the same time.
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    Meh. That bear doesn't look too tough to me. Probably a Baylor bear. It might eat him, but no rape.
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    I absolutely agree with Ray. I think they should play on Wednesday Morning instead.