Ray Lewis Unable To Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro Due To Foot Injury

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    Retired Ravens inside linebacker Ray Lewis was unable to take part in a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro due to a foot injury and fever, according to the charitable organization, TackleKili.

    Prior to the climb, TackleKili said that Lewis' fever spiked and his foot began swelling.

    The mission organization for World Serve International and Pros for Africa, TackleKili said Lewis made the choice to not go forward with the climb due to his health.

    "In the end, Ray’s decision was to let the team move on without him, rather than hold them back or put himself in a position where an injury which requires surgery could become even more complicated," TackleKili said in a statement. "As always, his team backed his play. So while Ray refocused his service to this cause at a lower altitude, his team began the ascent on behalf of those in desperate need of clean water."

    Lewis is in Tanzania to raise money and awareness about the need for clean water in East Africa.

    Prior to the climb, Lewis and a philanthropic team have been providing hearing aids to children in a nearby village as part of the TackleKili mission.

    "Ray stood all day yesterday doing a hearing mission," Frank Gamble posted during a video summarizing the climb. "Last night he had a bad night, fevered and really rough. So, this morning when he woke up, the foot was killing him, years of injuries and all of that. So, we're going to miss him.

    "I just say goodbye to him and told him we love him. He made a significant contribution financially to provide safe water to people. Even though we're not going to have Ray, we're going to have plenty of wonderful people. We're really looking forward to seeing what we can do as a team to make it to the top."

    Source: The Baltimore Sun

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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ypzddbi_9KE]Ray Lewis is a Drama Queen - YouTube[/ame]
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    Much easier to shut up about a murder than climb a mountain. Screw him and his 'legacy'.
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    Maybe he's canceling to advise Aaron Hernandez?
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    Rub some dirt on it, cat.
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    Kilimanjaro, heck that crap "heal up" and do Everest ya cat.
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    more people have been in space than have climbed mt everest.
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    Everest is not as fabled and untouched as it once was. Don't get me wrong it's some serious crap, a lot of people have accomplished it now.
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    A lot of bodies still up there from guys that died trying,including george mallory's that has been up there since the 1920s. Kilimanjario looks like it is a snitch to climb,so i can see why he held back if he is not 100% healthy. I Read in a book that you would die in 5 mns if you went from ground level to the top of mount everest in a helicopter.
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    three words

    deer antler spray