RB Matt Forte, Bears Agree On A Four Year Deal

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Sweets, Jul 16, 2012.

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    Matt Forte’s big day has finally arrived. Matt Forte and the Bears reached an agreement on a four-year deal on Monday. Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that the Bears and their Pro Bowl running back have reached an agreement on a long-term contract. Adam Schefter of ESPN says it’s a four-year deal that will average $8 million per season. After four consecutive seasons in which the 26-year-old from Tulane amassed at least 1,350 total yards, Forte made it clear that he wanted a long-term contract, many agreed, as we all know the shelf life for NFL running backs is one of the shortest in the league.

    Source: National Football Post
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  2. 86WARD

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    Worth every penny.

    JCBRAVE The opposite of a Rookie

    Yea, good deal for both sides.
  4. themush

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    Might hang on to him in the FFL.
  5. Chipper10

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    Still gonna lose.

    Good for Forte and for the Bears.
  6. InfinitePulse

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    It was absolutely crucial for the Bears and Forte to work this out. I fully believe that the acquisision of Marshall AND Bush had something to do with the fact that they came to an agreement. I feel like Emery has done a pretty good job so far in recognizing areas of need and filling holes. Chicago fans fell in love with Forte's ability, and it's a great day when management recognized what they need to do to keep the fans happy.

    JCBRAVE The opposite of a Rookie

    Is Brandon Marshall gonna be a available for games? I feel like he might beat some woman up and get suspended at any moment.
  8. Sportsguy

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    great signing for the bears
  9. URL54MVP

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    I think Brandon has matured as a person (knocks on wood, no jinx). Or I hope so at least. I think he has been very well spoken about his past problems since arriving in Chicago. Of course all those words go out the window if he repeats history off the field.
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    So which one of the higher end RBs to ink new deals this offseason is going to see his career go to crap?
  11. SRW

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    I am going to love seeing what the Bears' trio will do this year. Don't turn your backs on the Bears.
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    Regardless of the side everyone was on in this topic, i'm glad this is over and done with. Now teammates won't have to answer questions from the media as to why Forte isn't in training camp. I was shocked when it took only $32 million to get this deal done but a good deal for both sides in the end.
  13. Tarkus

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    Just glad Forte grew a little steel in his balls along the way & stuck up for himself.

    Nice kid, great teammate.

    OK, Emery, maybe I'll let you out of the doghouse...
  14. InfinitePulse

    InfinitePulse disgusted.

    Why would Emery be in the doghouse? He's done pretty damn good since being hired...
  15. Tarkus

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    A good starting point would be that horrific excuse for an OL....

    After that go-round, there's more you can wonder about.

    He's done some good to start with but he's still on probation around here...
  16. InfinitePulse

    InfinitePulse disgusted.

    Talking about a guy who's been on the job for a few months and he's supposed to completely restructure the entire OL with one offseason and one draft.

    Sounds like an intelligent argument.

    Go Bears.
  17. CaptainStubing

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    haha. 'completely restructure' ........ :rofl:

    Tark can speak for himself but i'm sure he would agree that he is not suggesting Emery should have been able to 'completely restructure' the o-line in one off-season ................... the problem is that Emery completely ignored the o-line needs. If he had done ANYTHING to help the o-line this off-season, no one would have any issues (and, no, signing another team's cast-off and naming him a starter as if you did something great does not count as anything).

    Emery completely ignored the o-line this off-season and it is obviously an issue.
  18. Tarkus

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    *See below for today's lesson [MENTION=1791]InfinitePulse[/MENTION]*

    Well said, Cap'n

    Thanks for saving me the time.