RB Ray Rice Cut By Ravens, Then Suspended Indefinitely By NFL

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    Ray Rice was let go by the Ravens on Monday and suspended indefinitely by the NFL after a video was released that appears to show the running back striking his then-fiancée in February.

    The grainy video, released by TMZ Sports, shows Rice and Janay Palmer in an elevator at an Atlantic City casino. Each hits the other before Rice knocks Palmer off her feet and into a railing. An earlier TMZ video had showed Rice dragging Palmer, now his wife, from the elevator at the Revel casino, which closed Sept. 2.

    The Ravens said earlier Monday that they never saw the new video. Hours later, they sent out a one-sentence release:

    "The Baltimore Ravens terminated the contract of RB Ray Rice this afternoon."

    The NFL also took action, saying on Twitter that commissioner "Roger Goodell has announced that based on new video evidence that became available today he has indefinitely suspended Ray Rice."

    The NFL Players Association told ESPN in an email that it had no comment on the termination of Rice's contract or his indefinite suspension by the NFL.

  2. 86WARD

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    I know the league and the Ravens say they didn't see the video...however, this totally makes me wonder if the termination and the indefinite suspension are because they saw the video or because WE saw the video...
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    Goodell said I believe they didn't see the video til today or whenever but yeah you got to wonder about the timing of it all.
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    I don't know if I can believe Goodell though. And what about the justice system? They kinda failed themselves...no?
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    Yeah you got to wonder how this video didn't surface in the initial investigation somehow. If TMZ did have the video all along why not release it right away just for hits on their website?
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    I kinda hate to say this, but his wife's reaction and apologies for her behavior in the incident are a big reason it took so long for appropriate action.
  7. 86WARD

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    Yep...sounds like they were both full of crap during that investigation.
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    I think it's bullcrap that they wait to suspende him now. We knew he knocked her the Phuck out. He should been suspended indefinitely during offseason. Only thing that changed is the the public saw the video the result was the same he dragged her ass out
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    Umm The Revel Hotel/Casino just closed yada yada. Somebody got paid twice by tmz. This is Watergate II. The cover up is bigger than the crime. Roger is gonna be on a big hot seat. Would not mind saying bye bye to him.
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    Obviously he was suspended because we saw the video. The NFL is reacting to our reaction, not the initial action.

    And even if they didn't see the video, that's not an excuse. It sounds like the video was pretty easily available. There's no excuse for an organization with as much influence as the NFL to not be able to get a video as important as this regarding one of their players.
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  12. Diesel44

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    the crap storm was caused by one person,roger goodell! he deserves to get canned for screwing this up like it is now!
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    You spelled Ray Rice wrong.
  14. DaBears22

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    The video was available all this time apparently and the NFL never asked the casino directly to see the video:

  15. Diesel44

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    he should have been suspended,but to me,they had already decided on his punishment and then they renegged after goodell saw that the nfl was gonna really look bad after what the nfl failed to investigate,he changed his mind,and to me that was not fair to ray rice.this would be the equal to double jeopardy in the us court system.
    when the 2 guys from the 49ers hear their punishment for their many law problems,they should face the same punishment rice is!
  16. Diesel44

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    whoever investigated this for the league should be fired for doing such a crapty,incompetent job!
    this is the most gigantic of all cluster ducks when it comes to pro sports and how they punish their players!
  17. TJ

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    Spygate, bountygate, and now this...Strike three, Goodell...
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    It's going to cost the Ravens $4 million this year and $9 million next year in dead cap money, I hear.
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    Give em the SMU treatment lol. That'll teach em to harbor wife beaters.