Redskins Exploiting Sean Taylor's Death?

Discussion in 'Washington Redskins' started by SRW, Jan 5, 2008.

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    No Sir!! They don't have too
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    I think he has a point. All I hear is Sean Taylor this, Sean Taylor that. I'm sick of hearing about Sean Taylor. Yeah, ok, he died. But how is he different than any other person who dies of a gunshot? Does him being an NFL player make him better than anyone else? I say nay. If he is remembered like this, all people should be remembered like this.
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    If you have any family members who have died, or perhaps when they die, would you like me to have a picture of them, or just say some rude butt remark about, how they died. Like, How's that heart attack, how you like fire, etc.


    It has nothing to do with Sean being a player, it's all about being a person, you don't say crap like that about another individual.

    I could careless at this point if he was a Redskins player or not, you don't say that kind of crap, its classless.

    Eagle fans, or one of you who seems to be upset, you know why your fans have been given the "worst fan" brand, I agree, that they might not have said something this bad, but you all have some pretty bad fans, and unfortunately, they are put out there over the good ones, which is this same case for Seattle.

    And whether you are sick about hearing about Taylor or not, this doesn't make what was said right in any way.
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    agreed. in a way Im glad the skins lost just for the simple fact that we probably wont hear that much about Taylor and the #21 anymore from the media. Its a sad thing and all but enough is enough.
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    No, if Seattle won and talked crap after the game, that's being a SORE WINNER! Mike Holmgren should be ashamed as a coach to allow this. Green bay kills Seattle coming up! Holmgren comes back to SF in 2009.
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    y2j is a beast but i still like bobby lashley better
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    My Aunt died New Years day from lung uncle died 6 months ago from the dad died a few years back from lung and brain cancer.....

    It doesn't stop me from making jokes about how stupid people are for smoking.
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    Life goes on as they say, or it doesn't....either way people make jokes and other people get offended...again

    Who freaking cares
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    and to act as if you've never done it is even worse....:icon_cool:
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    I know you're not talking about me because I have a very sick sense of humor.hehehe
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    This is the reason I've tried to stay away from the Sean Taylor threads.....touchy subject to a lot of people, but since I finally clicked on it and read the whole thing....I'm gonna dive in now.

    First of all, the guy who wrote the article is a piece of crap. 2nd of all, I agree with Superbeast to a certain degree that Taylor is just another guy who was killed violently and shouldn't get any more recognition than any other person killed in the same manner. But he was a public figure so I can see where fans and teammates want to remember him with certain gestures. That's fine, I think it's been overdone though.

    They cheered Micheal Irvin in 99 when he almost broke his neck, and cheered Wendel Davis when he blew out both knees....They had a freaking jail in the basement.....tell me those aren't some crazy mf'ers now!:icon_cheesygrin: :poke:
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    Beast is right. Scary thought, ain't it?

    I actually thought of something else to add to this, and probably only just cause it's a homer-type subject:
    When Marquise Hill died over the summer, where have all the media tributes been for him? Sure, they mentioned it after it happened, but the Patriots went for the simple tribute of the sticker on their helmets. They never tried to make a big deal out of it the way that the Redskins players/coaches/etc. did. Plus, when you think about it (and I can already see the angry responses pouring in), Hill may have died a more noble death- he lost his life saving someone else's. No one tried to rob him based on his status (and maybe even reputation).
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    Being murdered and dieing from something you have no control over with the body is another thing.

    And correct, I say the same thing about smoking, crap does that, and people still do it, but I would never walk up to you and start laughing about your family dieing because of things like that.

    Sean wasn't my family, but he was in the Redskins family, maybe you all don't have those with your team, but our fan base is very close with each other.

    And when you say those kinds of things, you aren't saying them to hurt someone, or piss someone off either.
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    Exactly. I dont see all this crap about Denver having 2 players die before the season everywhere. How come every team doesnt wear the numbers of the Denver and Pats players that died this year on their helmets? If you're gonna do it for one guy do it for everyone else. I also dont believe that the Seattle fans were chanting that crap to those fans either. I think it was probably a few buttholes that said it to them. When you try to make Taylor look like he was a freaking martyr or something like that then I think its wrong. Its not like Taylor died in battle fighting for this country. I'm glad the skins lost so we dont have to hear about him anymore.
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    He was the cause of his own death so i will continue to make jokes about it. It was an obvious hit and not a random act...he did something to someone and he got what he got. His past behavior only tells the story if you are willing to read it. Perception is just have to be willing to accept seeing something you don't want to see....wich i'm pretty sure you aren't.

    My only point is that he was just another punk wanna be thug and his past caught up with him......just like thousands of other punk thugs that get whats coming to them.The only difference being that he played football and had a certain celeb status and wasn't some hood rat crack dealer....thus the jokes.
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    Really, can you tell me exactly what he did then considering you know this.

    I mean, considering you're saying that it isn't an assumption, so I would like to know exactly what he did.

    His past?

    What exactly did he do?

    Spit in a players face, that sure doesn't deserve being murdered.

    Drunk driving, sure doesn't deserve being murdered.

    Pull a gun out on some kids trying to steal his personal property, sure doesn't deserve being murdered.

    Explain to me what he did to deserve being murdered.
  20. SuperBeast

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    You really need to look at him before defending him....

    You can put together a pretty good profile of what kind of person he was just with the things you listed. Those are only the things we as the public know about.

    putting 2 and 2 together isn't that hard if you don't ignore what you don't want to see.