Redskins GM Bruce Allen Says Team Isn't Considering Name Change

Discussion in 'Washington Redskins' started by SRW, Feb 15, 2013.

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    Redskins general manager Bruce Allen said Thursday the team isn't considering a new nickname, adding that it's "ludicrous" to suggest that the franchise is trying to upset Native Americans.

    "There's nothing that we feel is offensive," Allen said. "And we're proud of our history."

    Opposition to "Redskins" has gained momentum following last week's symposium at the Smithsonian that was heavily critical of the use of the word, citing its history as an offensive term. Local columnists and commentators have called for the team to change its name in recent days.

    The Redskins have responded with website postings featuring interviews with officials from the 70 high schools they say still called themselves "Redskins."

    Source: Associated Press
  2. DaBears22

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    They shouldn't have to change their name because some politicians want to score points with their constituents. Screw politicians.
  3. 86WARD

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    Screw that name change.
  4. themush

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    Good For them...
  5. Diesel44

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    just a bunch of silly stupid bullcrap!
  6. Walnuts

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    I hope it gets changed.
  7. Jihad Joe

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    The Washington Native Savages sounds better imo

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    Im native American myself...I think there should be equal name calling in the the Atlanta Klu Klux I wrong lol im sure there would be quite afew fans for that type of team lol
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    If Redskins is appropriate, why not .........

    The Baltimore Blackies ?

    The Dallas Degos ?

    The Cincinnati Crackers?

    am i wrong?
  10. Walnuts

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    Washington Chicharrones
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    I suggest you read this. You have a right to respond if you so choose in the fight club, so not only did you make a post about being gay, you continued to attack other members outside of the fight club. Again take it there. And rump ranger is a gay slur and nothing more. Don't try to sugar coat what you wrote as anything else.

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    They should change it