Redskins QB Donovan McNabb's Agent Calls Benching "Beyond Disrespectful"

Discussion in 'Washington Redskins' started by BigBlueBruiser, Dec 17, 2010.

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    I believe he was insinuating that there isn't a decision to be made, it has already been made. But either way, like Dawk said, maybe they just want to keep him healthy and see what the other QBs have to offer.
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    lol...Rex Grossman >>>>> John Beck >>> Donovan McNabb.

    Nah...drama doesn't follow this guy...

    I don't agree with Shanahan's decision but I can almost understand the theory behind it. However, none of these QB's will probably be on the roster next season, so why bother.

    Why not come out and say that we haven't gotten the production we expect from the QB position and we're making a change. It's obvious McNabb has been awful and the team tried to cover it up several times instead of just coming out and saying he blows...
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    Nobody has EVER said drama doesn't follow him.
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    I think it's most likely that he will be cut as well, but on the off chance that some team makes them a foolish offer, why not have him healthy for it?

    If for some reason they decide to keep him, why not have him healthy for it?

    I just don't really see a benefit for the Skins to keep him in the starting lineup the rest of the way.
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    It's obvious they aren't keeping him. Not a chance. He's played his last play in Washington.
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    Rep...stole the words right out of my mouth.
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    no1 would want him 4 his 13 million dollar tag. they will just wait 4 them 2 release him. and if they do keep him...why now??? the rat has just lost it :palmface:
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    1)Not alienating, insulting, and embarrassing the best QB on your roster (by far)
    2)Not pissing off your team (was gonna say dividing the locker room but who is on Rex's side?)
    3)Not making your team the laughing stock of the league and messing up media/community relations you spent millions to develop with your new face of the franchise (Donovan is bigger in the local media and community here then he ever was in Philly, probably due to Snyder controlling so much of it)
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  9. Torain is lucky to be a starter. He is well below an average starter.

    Moss is aging fast.

    Armstrong wouldn't be starting in 99% of teams.

    Rivers has a ton of legit playmakers.

    LLoyd and Gaffney's success is due in part to the scheme and both are better than Armstrong.
  10. Mcnabb is still a decent QB but he gets no help in Wash.
  11. DawkinsINT

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    1.) If he's obviously going to be gone, why care about his feelings instead of getting a feeling to what difference he made while also getting a younger guy some playing time? Why cater to McNabb's ego?

    2.) Most of the team should already be pissed at their own personal performance. Showing them that anybody is replaceable can only help real competitors.

    3.) The "new face" didn't do anything to not make them a laughing stock. Snyder will just put someone else in that role next year. At this point #5 doesn't have drawing power.
  12. warcrychief

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    Washington has sold there soul over the past 5 years for FA, and are reaping their harvest. No chemistry.
  13. 86WARD

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    The list is endless in regards to the problems in Washington and like it or not, the drama queen that wears #5 is on that list. He's been just as bad as the rest.

    The whole QB mess could've been avoided if Shanahan came clean and said that he's not getting the production from McNabb that he'd had hoped and that he is going to go in a different direction instead of trying to "cover" for McNabb's inability to produce as a QB.

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    Bro, I've come to expect a lot from your posts as I think you know what you're talking about for the most part... but are you seriously trying to sell me on all of this BS?

    If Torain is so below-average and he is able to bust out huge games like he has this year, he must have a hell of an offensive line in front of him. Funny, every McNabb backer has said how horrendous they are.

    'Moss is aging fast'. He will likely finish the year better in all categories than the last four years. D'oh! Santana Moss Stats - Washington Redskins - ESPN

    Cooley is legit. McNabb might not be able to deliver the ball to him past three yards in some instances, but Cooley is legit.

    Armstrong is an emerging player, as I said. I don't know if he is even the starter in DC right now, but he has the talent.

    Legedu Naane is totally legit. So is Malcolm Floyd. And Patrick Crayton. And don't forget about Mike Tolbert, Pro Bowl players up and down that offense.

    Brandon Lloyd has ALWAYS shown flashes, but never put even half of a decent season together. Till Kyle Orton became his QB. Jabar Gaffney is so mediocre it isn't funny, you trying to put up an argument for him is sad.
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    IS he suddenly aging like a fine wine? What led to this improvement?
    I would also be careful saying what he will likely do with Sexy Rexy at the helm he will likely be chasing alot of INTs the other direction.
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    He's had plenty of practice this year. He should be good.
  17. 86WARD

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    lol @ Santana Moss "improving."
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    Now don't mistake the argument I'm making. I'm not saying Moss is becoming a better player or anything. I'm simply pointing out the guy isn't 'aging fast'.
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    No...your pointing out that 5 made him better. Like e has done with Armstrong. Like he has done with countless receivers for over a decade.
  20. that line is bad but when is the last time you saw a RB not get 1,000 yards in a Shanhan team?

    it's not the player it's the scheme!

    yeah because he has Mcnabb. Moss is a decent starter but is on his last legs.

    They don't even use Cooley so bringing him up is pointless.

    no way in hell Armstrong has the talent to be an above avg. starter. he is a nice player but shouldn't be a starter right now.

    All are good players. Maybe not pro bowl material YET but all have had great years. Don't forget Vincent jackson just came back.

    no doubt both are mediocre but they are better than what Wash. has. Although Moss is better than both the Skins have no WR's worth anything after that.