Redskins RB Tim Hightower Emerging As The Featured Back

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  1. While the Washington Redskins quarterback race has kept everyone on tenterhooks, the running back competition has become a one-man show. Tim Hightower has separated himself from the pack and is all but certain to be the starter in the Sept. 11 season opener against the New York Giants, even if coach Mike Shanahan isn't quite ready to announce it. "He's done a good job," Shanahan said Saturday. "I'm not going to say he's our starter, but if you were betting in Vegas, you'd probably bet in that direction." Hightower, acquired in an offseason trade with the Arizona Cardinals, has turned apprehension into accomplishment in the month since the unexpected change of scenery. He's averaging 6.8 yards per carry over three preseason games, and his 37-yard touchdown run Thursday night at Baltimore showed again why he's an ideal back for Shanahan's zone blocking scheme. On a stretch run to the right, Hightower patiently waited for the blocks to develop before darting forward and eventually cutting back to the left and heading for the pylon. "I felt like I belonged since my first day here," Hightower said. "This team has a good offensive line, and we've made a commitment to running the ball. In some ways, I feel like it was meant to be."

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    Hightower could be a beast. Shanahan loves to pile the load onto one back. I could see HIghtower going for 1300-1400 yards and a dozen or so TD's if he's healthy. Rey Helu should see some spot duty as well...


    Hightower is a good back, why did AZ draft another RB and get rid of this guy again?
  4. Sportsguy

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    I see hightower having a good year
  5. He fumbled his way out of Arizona........


    OHHHHHHHHHHH Well, you know....
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    Hightower is gonna tear it up this year. Draft him in fantasy, seriously. He was a beast for us, we just never ran the ball enough for him to get any stats. They will be in washington thats for sure. Hes this yeara Peyton Hillis, wait and see.
  8. He will have a big year because when it comes down to his MS is gonna be really hesitant to throw the ball that much you'll see alot of smash mouth offense wich you could see him tote the pigskin at least 20+ times a game.
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    If he fumbles early, he'll be trash, if he doesn't, then top 10 is not out of the realm of possibility.