Rodney Harrison Calls Bills WR Terrell Owens A Clown

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bills' started by nastynate184, Sep 10, 2009.

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    There is no defense for Harrison calling TO a clown for his antics and his mouth. The media may over blow it but it would not happen if TO could stfu for more than a minute. I would not call that Stallworth did a clown move, that was freaking stupid and completely goobered. But if that is your definition of a clown then you and I won't agree. And how is TO not a clown to the league? The guy has had a media circus everywhere ha has gone. Not to mention his reality show.
  2. Crawl

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    I personally don't care if he's a clown as long as he produces on the field and doesn't become a distraction for the locker room. Since he's been with the Bills I thought he's been pretty quiet( for T.O) though.
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    I don't notice TO continuously say stupid crap on a regular basis. He's done it in the past but it doesn't seem like it happens all that often as of late, if so, those huge headlines (:icon_rolleyes:) have missed me. Even this one isn't that bad IMO, it's just a little joke, that the media just loves to blow out of proportion. Rodney needs to calm down, talk about hypocrisy much.

    I'm not saying TO's not a clown in the league, I'm just saying he's not the clown of the league. A lot of people act like he's just the very definition of a cancer in the NFL and he gets a lot of overhyped silly bullcrap from the Media. I find that annoying myself.

    Yes, He's done some silly things and on field antics and I can understand if you think of him as a Clown for that, I just find it amusing. I think of Clowns for really stupid acts or extreme stubbornness, stuff like that. TO may have done some silly memorable touchdown celebrations, but I sure can't recall when he played for someone and didn't try his best on the field.
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    TO takes a lot of crap for his actions, but really when you think about it at least he's not out getting arrested and bringing that kind of press to the NFL. The only situation of his that was even like that was the whole supposed OD. Otherwise, he brings media but he's not doing anything that bad.
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    He's not a criminal sure but he is a terrible teammate and a locker room cancer. That should not be ignored/excused just cause other jackasses rape people, run people over, or shoot people.
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    You did say that you didn't consider him a clown. You also initially called the clown of the league Chad Johnson. He's not exactly a criminal either. I'm very confused as to your entire stance. It's totally morphed as the thread got deeper. You're making my head spin, dude, but that's easy to do.
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    Haha...I find all the random nicknaming crap Chad quite clown like, and these days, I tend to notice him making headlines for dumb pointless stuff. (Mostly about his Twitter and such)

    Yeah, I said earlier I didn't Terrell consider him a clown. Keep in mind I think of my definition of a clown differently than you guys and I said that. I just acknowledged that basing off yours and others definition of clown, I can agree to TO being that.

    By the way, I didn't call Chad Johnson the clown of a league, I just think he's a bigger clown than TO. Chad just acts too weird sometimes if you ask me, haha.
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    Rep Rodney Harrison... Oh wait
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    Oh wait is right, hahaha..
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    Must be something about the wr position, it seems to attract a higher percentage of clowns than the others.
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    Attention tramps.

    It's what makes them great?

    They always want the ball.
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    T.O isn't a clown, Neither is Ocho Cinco. They're Wide Receivers.
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    It's totally the media. I keep Sharpies in my socks. I call my coworkers gay (or ducks). I too was misquoted in my own autobiography. I just finished doing situps in my driveway, but none of you know any of that because the media doesn't have it in for me.

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    lolz at people still defending owens as if he doesnt get all he deserves. especially those you whine about the media overhyping his antics when you consider how much owens craves the attention.

    rock on sheep !
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