Rookie Could Have Punter Job 'Locke-d Up' By Monday

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    Shortly after drafting left-footed punter Jeff Locke in the fifth round last weekend, General Manager Rick Spielman insisted the move was made to bring in competition for eight-year vet Chris Kluwe and not necessarily to replace him immediately.

    “When we’re making decisions, we’re purely making them in trying to bring in the best competition possible regardless of position,â€￾ Spielman said.

    But that so-called punter “competitionâ€￾ may end this weekend with only Locke on the practice field for rookie mini-camp.

    As a reference point, after drafting kicker Blair Walsh in Round 6 in 2012, Spielman closely tracked Walsh during the team’s rookie mini-camp to make certain he could absorb some coaching while handling the pressure of kicking with all eyes on him.

    Walsh did just fine. And the day after the rookie mini-camp finished, veteran Ryan Longwell was released.

    Source: Star Tribune
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    well, if he does beat out Kluwe for the job, prepare to listen to Kluwe claim discrimination......
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    *see Ryan Longwell.

    IMO, Kluwe doesn't have a matter how well he does.
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    its a smart move by the Vikings because Kluwe is making I believe 2 million this year. Why pay that much when their is a much cheaper option that can give you close to the same production?