Round By Round, Who Are The Steals Of This Past Draft?

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  1. I know and all I'm saying is a player could be alot worse off than Kyle Orton.
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    But that has nothing to do with this thread because this is about steals of the draft and a back up QB isn't one.
  3. you made it seem like Orton/ Mccoy were going to be busts and I was disagreeing with you. Like i said Mccoy imho was the 3rd best value pick in the round.
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    McCoy isnt a great pro pospect. He is really always was a third round prospect.

    Morgan Burnett, John Jerry, Alex Carrington, Damian Williams, Brandon Lefell, and Major Wright were all better value
  5. I guess it's just all about preference. I will say that when I said he was the 3rd best I forgot about Lafell.
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    Until, or if he stinks it up at the pro level I will consider him a steal. I dont know what else to call it when you draft one of the top three available QB's,in any draft with a late pick. As for the back up role, we havent had a capable back up in a decade either. My prediction McCoy will eclipse the careers of both Brady Quinn ( rookie season holdout ), or Derek Anderception.
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    Burnett was an AWESOME pic :)
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    Round 1- Jerry Hughes-outstanding system fit, Colts lucky to get a pass rusher of this caliber fall in their lap

    Round 2-Jimmy Clausen- probably the best qb in this draft, franchise tools

    Round 3 -Damian Williams-elite route runner, underrated after the catch and short area burst, he'll play immediately and be a safety valve for VY

    Round 4-Dennis Pitta- chain mover, beter athlete then you think, understands defenses, will catch alot of underneath balls for a long time

    Round 5-Cam Thomas-incredible to get a legit starting nose in 5th

    Round 6-Jonathan Dwyer-still dont understand how this happens

    Round 7-Kyle Calloway-could be playing sooner then later for Buffalo at RT or G, another solid Iowa lineman
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    jerry hughes is not an outstanding system fit....he lacks the power that freeney and mathis have to make up for the undersized DTs the colts use in their scheme. i cant believe he was drafted as a 43 end where as a 34 OLB the man is silky smooth and relentless with his speed and explosion
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    Valid, but i argue you could say the same about both players coming out of college, especially Mathis. Hughes is not a finished product, he'll get stronger but his pass rush ability is undeniable. Also weigh in the fact that they may not be able to re-up Freeney and Mathis and i think this was a huge pick for Indy.
  11. Hughes will be a starter by this time next year. Mathis is as good as gone. He wants a new deal and the Colts won't give it to him.
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    round 1 - I don't have anybody here, because it's the first round. The Jaguars screwed up here by drafting Tyson Alualu. I guess if I had to pick somebody for this round, I'd pick Jahvid Best.

    round 2 - Claussen, definately. Claussen, with Pike, whom was drafted in the 6th round, helps give the Panthers depth in an area that they've always had problems with. God, they dug up the fossil that is Testaverde during the 2007-2008 season.

    round 3 - Colt McCoy. Colt McCoy gets this because, well, for the Browns, anything's an improvement.

    round 4 - Marty Gilyard. He gets my pick because by this point in the draft, there weren't many good offensive players left. The Rams needed someone to help Sam Bradford or (shudders) A.J. Feeley move the chains.

    round 5 - Larry Asante. I pick him, because the Browns needed a player like him to help make their defense good.

    round 6 - Tony Pike. He gets my pick, not just because I'm a Panthers fan, but because this is surprisingly low for a player of his talent to go. Has everybody forgot his Cincinnatti career?

    round 7 - Zac Robinson. This guy could be the next Tom Brady.
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    Dwyer in the 6th.

    [ame=]YouTube - Jonathan Dwyer For Heisman[/ame]
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    lol at the next tom brady

    pike wasnt a great prospect...not a huge arm and is soooo thin for being 6-6. at one point he looked like a second rounder but he didnt help himself at all in the offseason, hes a project and you take projects in the 6th round
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    Good reads. With Brady as the QB, Hernandez could be a big surprise as a 5th round pick. If they can get his blocking up to par, he could be a starter this season, and I like how he runs routes, and his athletiscm.