Roy's Had Enough Of Motown?

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions' started by FSUViking, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. FSUViking

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    Williams wants to play for Cowboys

    The Cowboys could make a play for Arizona Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin or Detroit Lions receiver Roy Williams. Williams played at the University of Texas and, according to a source, "wants to play in Dallas." Lions coach Rod Marinelli has said Detroit has no intention of trading Williams, who is in the final of year of his rookie contract that will pay him a base salary of $3.724 million in 2008. The Lions have not talked to Williams about an extension, and, with Calvin Johnson on their roster, it is unlikely the Lions can afford Williams' asking price for a long-term extension. But Detroit could use the franchise tag on Williams next year, which would give it flexibility to re-sign or trade him -- Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  2. burnout2oo7

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    Just because he may like playing in Dallas doesn't mean he's had enough of Detroit. He's said numerous times that he wants to be a Lion.

    These WRs are c**k-teases this year.:icon_mrgreen:
  3. smeags

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    if the cowboys land williams, boldin or johnson over us and it's because we wanted too high a price for sheppard i may get arrested for assulting reid. :icon_evil:
  4. spent

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    I talked to eagle friend of mine from the level this am and he essentially said the same thing smeagle
  5. Marion Who?

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    Same article was posted earlier. Big part being the bolded source "Fort Worth Star-Telegram"
  6. Ridin Burgundy

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    Ok why do the rumours keep coming up?

    The Cowboys only have a few million in cap space and need to sign all their rookies and a few others to long term deals. How could they afford it?
  7. TJ

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    Because Ken Hamlin's franchise tag is eating up almost 9 million in cap room for this season. Once we sign him to a long-term deal, his cap number will drop dramatically.

    You should know better. Dan Snyder is a master at restructuring bad deals for bad players...the only difference is that we make them for good players :icon_cheesygrin:
  8. smeags

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    700level ? i probably know who it was. we tailgate right them and i sit in front of a few of them.
  9. Weezy

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    roy isnt going anywhere he will be a lion no matter what MM wont let his only good 1st round WR go it is the only foot he has to stand on
  10. smeags

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    well clavin johnson isn't exactly chopped liver.
  11. Omen

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    i say we trade roy wiliamses
  12. 86WARD

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    Williams, Boldin, Johnson...I see them all staying put...

    The Eagles are set at WR now...filling the need with Pinkston.
  13. Weezy

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    as far a talent goes but he didnt have the season the #2 pick should have, he needs to step up big this season to move into the roy williams class of WR
  14. burnout2oo7

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    That wasn't a real story it was an April Fool's joke.
  15. eaglesrule4ever

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    No it wasnt, i heard it was real.
  16. burnout2oo7

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    Nope. It's fake. Check the Eagles' site. Not a mention of it. The deal supposedly went down yesterday, and there's not a trace of old alligator arms anywhere on I even checked the roster. Every other FA signing is on there, but no Pinkston.
  17. eaglesrule4ever

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    Probably wasnt, it wasnt a really good source i found anyways.
  18. BarlOwens

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    Matt Millen will be labeled the anti-christ if this type of crap continues...oh wait..he already has been labled as the anti-christ...why the heck has no one physically removed this clown from detroit altogether? I thought Detroit was supposed to have some hard nosed people who work their asses off and don't stand for clowns freaking them over repeatedly?
  19. ball in the baskett

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    I dont belive in any rumors anymore one week they say he wants to be a lion next week doesent. Its all a bunch of crap where do they get this information.
  20. 86WARD

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    He's not going anywhere. Rod Marinelli is "making sure of it."

    I think his quote was he'd be like a farmer with a shotgun in front of his daughters bedroom door? or something to that affect...:eek:hboy: