Russians Win World Junior Gold Medal Vs Canada

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    The Russian World Junior team scored five unanswered third period goals to win the gold medal against Canada in an astonishing turn of events some are calling one of the greatest comebacks in the history of the tournament. The final score was 5-3. It’s the second year in the row that the Canadian junior team was forced to settle for a silver medal in the WJC, but chances are this one hurts a lot more.


    [ame=]YouTube - IIHF U-20 Gold Medal 2010-2011 - Highlights / Canada vs. Russia (01.15.2011)[/ame]
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    Watched this game and it was heartbreaking seeing this. With 5 goals in the 3rd, Russia deserved it though
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    love this team. they have heckin balls.

    1/4 final , 4 min left in the game and the fins had a 3-1 lead and the russians won 4-3 in OT

    17 h later they had the semifinals vs. the rest team from sweden. again 1.30 min left , the swedens had a 3-2 lead and the russians fought back and won on shuutout.

    and then the heckin finalgame.. it was the biggest comeback in WJC history.


    they players were drunk and were kicked out of the airport on the next day ^^

    vodka ! :cele18:
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    Yea tell me about it. Russian reporters denied it they said its because of overwelming emotions lol. Yeah sure