Ryan Matthews #1 Pick?

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    I never said he'll be full-time. They need him for passing downs.

    McFadden gets injured too much and goes down on first contact, just like Mathews.

    Bryant will also be getting punt returns and some kick returns, even more chances to pad his stats for ROY.
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    I don't think you could be more wrong.
    • Mathews is the number one back in San Diego and he'll play third downs. They aren't splitting anything with Sproles. Sproles is a change of pace back. That's it. Mathews has great hands and will play on third downs.
    • I could probably find 20-30 backs that have more catches than Grant's 25...probably half of those starting RB's/ His hands are awful and they do indeed take him out on third downs. Last year they spelled him with exactly who you suggested...Jackson and Ahman Green. Jackson had a good amount of catches. I'd be willing to say it was close to what Grant had. Is Jackson a great replacement? No. Lumpkin or Starks have just as good a chance to take that role. But Grant got pulled a good amount on third downs. You can't argue with the history. Grant got a good amount of carries last season but it was way down from 2008.
    • So losing the starting Center really doesn't affect an O-Line? lol...
    • You keep saying how good the AFC West is...have you looked at the Vikings D line? The Lions improved D-Line? Come on...that's a weak argument.
    • Again...Sproles isn't "splitting carries" with Mathews.
    The only thing you said that was accurate was the possibility of Mathews getting injured...
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    You don't give a guy $7.3 million to sit on the bench and "spell" the starter. It's a split situation with Sproles as the passing downs guy, he's always done well in that role.

    Sproles split, bwahhhhhhhhhh sproles is a spell back, that's why they traded up in the first to draft Matthews to be their franchise back. They have said it and that's what it will be. Trying to say a guy will get injured is a ridiculous excuse, it's the NFL anyone can get hurt. This is about projecting guys that are healthy now. Just to help INFORM YOU, They paid him close to that 7.3 mill last year to average 5 rushes and 3 catches a game.

    You obviously don't play PPR in a fantasy league. Yes, there are a chunk of RBs you can name that get more receptions than Grant, but they are not FEATURED like him.

    Oh like, Forte, Hightower, Ray Rice, MJD, Gore, Steven Jackson, Chris Johnson, Addai...who all had over 50 catches. Grant was 33rd in catches for RB's behind PLENTY OF FEATURED BACKS keep talking out your ass

    He gets switched out on passing downs? What games are you watching? Who do they put in instead? Brandon Jackson? Are you kidding me?

    It was Jackson, Kuhn, Hall, Green (38 catches between them)and nearly anyone else including lining up LB/TE Havner in the backfield at times on passing downs. What games are YOU watching?

    If Mathews gets 250+ carries he'll break something. 30-40 catches? The Lions also say they'll win 10+ games every year! I don't think the guy has even caught 30 receptions in his college career let alone the NFL. How can you tell if a guy can catch when he never does it?

    It's already been stated that he will get the carries, you don't trade up and trade picks to take a RB in the top 12 and not make him the franchise guy. 30 receptions is 2 catches a game, not hard to do.

    He doesn't need to do great, he just needs to do better than all the other rookies which isn't difficult since he's one of the top offensive rookie players coming out and has one of the better opportunities to do well right away.

    This is a fantasy discussion, not who will win ROY, nice way to deflect to change the conversation. 60 catches for a WR is crap for fantasy, that crap is WR 3 numbers and in no way will be worth a high draft pick in fantasy football.

    You're arguments are foolish at best and only proves to show how little you know about football and fantasy football.
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    MAX Dez gets is 50 catch's. He wont get many more looks then Crayton did, but he will have more TD's and a higher YPC. 45, 700-800 with 6 or 7 TD's is reasonable

    He also wont beat Williams out. Williams is quitely having a good camp, and Phillips is gun shy with young players. He wont pull the trigger until he absolutely has too.

    Bryant has no shot at ROY

    Dont know what he has to do with this thread, but just thought I would throw that in since it came up

    Also Romo has always leaned heavily on the #1 WR, be it Owens or Austin and Witten. The #2 WR spot with Romo, even when Glenn was playing at a high level in 2006, has been a major afterthought. I wouldn't touch a Dallas receiver other than Witten and Austin
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    harvin won with 60 and 6. i think bryant has a good shot, hes a big name on a high profile team. if he does well people will see it. i disagree with you on it because he really looks like a man among boys so far from what ive seen he could easily put up ROY numbers and be a final canidate

    and matthews will too, he is NOT just like mcfadden. mcfadden has chicken legs