Saints Explain Football To Curious Londoners

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    Ambassadors for the NFL, the New Orleans Saints couldnt have expected to explain the basic rules of the game in London. But there was jet-lagged Saints coach Sean Payton on Monday, outlining to a British reporter just what the American version of football is about. I think the basic premise is trying to advance the football into the opponents end zone, Payton patiently described. You only get three downs, or four downs to do it, to make 10 yards. And if you cant get it to the end zone, you have the option of kicking it through the uprights. When the reporter asked what a down was, Payton sighed. Youre tough, he said with a laugh. Im going to send you a book.

    Source: Yahoo!Sports
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    Woo, time to be patronised! -sigh-
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    Well, they didn't get much of a lesson watching the Giants and Dolphins in that miserable little snooze-fest last year, so I suppose I can see why they'd ask such questions. Gotta give major props to Payton for answering such stupid and simple questions with a smile and patience, though.
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    Bring the game to Mexico and you won't have to explain anything.

    (Yes, I'm still bitter and haven't got over it).
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    Fixed that for you TJ

    on a second thought, keep the game at the US and bring back a improved NFLE to Germany
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    Why aren't you educating folks in the UK better about the NFL?
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    They had a game up there last year and they still don't know what the rules to football are? LMAO! Then again, soccer to them is football.
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    Screw England, and Screw Goodell...

    I think I'll never get over this...
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    How embarrasing.
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    international games suck
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    can't wait to see the turf all churned up.

    as for the reporter, being cheeky about what's a down, send'm to a NFL Eu game, before covering the Pro's.
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    god there are some dumb people out there
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    Because they're ignoramus heckheads who can't get over the whole 'It's rugby for pussies' mantra.
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    The NFL Europe was shut down after the 2007 season, 15 months ago...


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    What's a down?

    Ask TJ.

    Well, he's just down:icon_cheesygrin: