Saints LB Jonathan Vilma's Suit Gets Respect From Players

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints' started by Sweets, May 18, 2012.

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    New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma's decision to sue NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for defamation was an unprecedented and unexpected step in the aftermath following the Saints' "bounty" scandal. It feels like a legal Hail Mary. Vilma will have a difficult time proving Goodell lied or demonstrated "actual malice" in regards to Vilma, which is the legal standard for proving defamation, if nothing else, Vilma's bold move won some respect from his fellow players. "What a badass," one NFC player said. "He's the man. I think it's nuts, but I love it. He's going after Goodell. He should, too." "It's aggressive, and I love it. I'm excited to see what happens. I love the sound of 'Vilma v. Goodell.' This is gonna cement Vilma's name forever," another player remarked. "If Vilma wins? Oh, then he's God. They should just put him as commissioner if that happens." This lawsuit seems more about making a statement and a potentially expensive one. Vilma feels wronged and he's not going to take his suspension lying down, he's taking his aggressive attitude on the field to his fight with the NFL.

  2. Sweets

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    I'm sure Vilma is loving all this attention...
  3. K Train

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    My name is K Train, and i approve this lawsuit
  4. Steve12

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    He won't win if Goodell has the evidence he says he does. I think the lawsuit is just a ploy to force Goodell to show it.

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  5. K Train

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    its still defamation of character, it has nothing to do with the bounty scandal its more about goodell making an example of vilma and alienating him as the worst contributor when he doesnt really have proof of that even if he has proof that he contributed. And in a legal sense, bounties on a football field isnt really something that the law would enforce because its not against the law at all.

    also, with the CBA i dont see how the NFL can discipline any player besides the coaches since all their evidence was prior to the CBA being signed and it specifically said they couldnt do that.
  6. Sweets

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    They just want to know who squealed....
  7. flexnfx

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    How is it defamation when he did it...only way this is gonna work is if he had nothing to do with this and was accused without evidence. Goodell has proven to only act when there's some kind of material evidence to back it up....Vilma is just looking kind of sad now. I hope he enjoys the CFL.
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    If Goodell has any proof or sworn statement that Vilma offered a bounty, which I MUST assume he does as he isn't a dipcrap, it isn't defamation of character.

    All that this is going to do is bring the guy(s) who have provided Goodell with this info out of the closet.
  9. bigsexyy81

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    What Vilma doesn't realize is that if this proof is actually revealed, he's going to look like an even bigger butthole than he did before.
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    if Vilma wins I am god, don't think that Goodell is so dumb and lose the above mentioned.... Vilma wants too much attention after he screwed up first... Goodell didn't suspend him without a reason....I hoped Vilma should learn a lesson and not suing ppl for attention....
  11. flexnfx

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    I'm starting to wonder if Vilma's one of the 50% smokin'...
  12. ragman

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    Let's play "what if" for a second. What if Vilma wins his lawsuit? Do other players follow suit? Would the Saints defy Goodell and reinstate Vilma? Would another team give Vilma a shot?

    Just asking.
  13. Saintsfan1972

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    i'm with you on this...

    "what if" godell really did suspend vilma on hearsay with no solid proof?
  14. Buck Fenson

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    How do you know the commish has anything? He has never disclosed any evidence in any ruling he has come down with.
  15. Omen

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    I understand the whole respect thing but what about the whole lack of disrespect for the players he or the showed by going after injured areas of the body

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  16. Buck Fenson

    Buck Fenson formerly Jake from State Farm

    that has not been proven. and you mean lack of respect because lack of disrespect would mean they respected their victims.There were no injuries in those games.