Saints Sell Out Superdome For 6th Straight Year Despite Lockout

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints' started by SRW, May 22, 2011.

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    Despite the possibility of a shortened or canceled 2011 season, football optimism hasn't dimmed a bit in New Orleans. The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports the Saints have sold out all of their tickets for the upcoming year, the sixth consecutive year the team has accomplished that feat. The streak dates back to 2006, when the 73,000-seat Louisiana Superdome re-opened following Hurricane Katrina. "Our renewal rate was at 98 percent or higher, during a time when there was labor uncertainty front and center in the news," Greg Bensel, the franchise's vice president of communications, said in an email to the newspaper. "This is consistent with years prior. It speaks to the passion of our fans." It is interesting that of all the cities to ignore the labor issues and sell out their tickets, it is the own where the star quarterback is one of the most vocal critics of league management. Drew Brees has been at the front of the players side during the entire negotiation period, and he seems to not only have the support of his peers, but also his fans, who are apparently very excited for the upcoming season.

    Source: Pro Football Weekly
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    Wow...who'd of ever thunk it. Far, far from the days on the 'Aints.
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    I remember paper bags and no attendance. Go Saints.
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    great to see this City back on its feet.
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    Yeah. Buying a ticket to a single game through stub hub is ridiculous. :/
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    To me this shows how freaking stupid the people of New Orleans are. Shame god/Army Corp of Engineers/FEMA didn't wipe the city off the map when they had the chance. Half the inbred toothless freaks probably don't even realize there is a lockout.
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    Perhaps one of the more ignorant posts in the history of GIF...
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    nah. just we want our football. They were almost taken from us and we show our appreciation by believing our team will play this season. It is one thing to disagree with our enthusiam but to talk like that, cause you included me in that, is frankly a hecktard thing to do. I wish I could say more but that would get me banned and I like this site.

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    Okay, I do not even know how to respond to Phigles here without getting myself banned. I can't believe the crap that just spewed from his mouth.

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪The Hangover - You Are Literally Too Stupid To Insult (With Text)‬‏[/ame]

    You freaking troll
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    I'm gonna go ahead and say it's one of the most ignorant statements on any forum.

    Someone get the ra-tard clip from the Hangover, to stick with that theme.
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    Can't wait for football. I can take my toothless, imbred butt to a Saints game. WHO DAT?!
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    never mind.
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    Can't wait to watch some Saints football.
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