Saints Sign Champ Bailey To 2 Year Deal

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints' started by spstromain, Apr 4, 2014.

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    After visiting the team earlier in the week, veteran Cornerback Champ Bailey has signed a two-year deal with the New Orleans Saints. Bailey, who will enter his 16th season as a pro in 2014, was released by the Denver Broncos last month. Though he was hampered by a nagging foot injury throughout last season, the […]

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    been more of a chump the last few seasons than he has been a champ.
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    pro bowl year before last. LF injury last year and still came back to play in the playoffs. solid signing for us. Vet leadership. he won't be asked to cover the number one receiver and has Byrd and Vaccaro behind him.
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    Stole this from a Saints board but a good breakdown of "best case senerio"

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    Rob Ryan's genius
    With Byrd's range, instinct, and ball hawking skills and Champ Bailey's diminished reputation in the last couple of years, expect to see bailey line up at nickleback, and basically becoming a head fake to Byrd jumping a route.

    I expect that Ryan will have a lot of zone coverages with Byrd covering right on top of Bailey.

    Young WRs will think they can use a quick move and their speed to beat him up field, ask Torrey Smith

    I expect 10+ ints from Byrd, most coming when in coverage over the top of Bailey.

    I also expect increasingly complicated zone schemes, lineman with zone responsibilities, Safeties showing blitz, when in fact they have a zone responsibility in the flats. I'd love to see vacarro pop a RB for a loss on a screen pass, maybe cause a fumble...Or Junya picking off a slant cause no one expected him to peel back in coverage.

    Lots of deliberate misleads presnap, to disguise coverages, fake blitzes.

    This D is gonna be solid, maybe legendary.
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    Personally I love this signing. The only reason i rooted for Denver in the SB was i wanted Champ to get a ring before he retired....AND my deep rooted HATE for the Seachickens
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    what is your handle on that board?
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    how can he be worse than Robinson and White? At least he would have been ball savvy enough to look for the ball.
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    No shirt, huh....i would have already had him on the phone
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    for real. Don't know why they don't try. Sure, his best days are behind him but it is sad when you have to consider him an upgrade. I think he is the only one who can come in and play for us at this stage of the season.