Seahawk Fans Want Team To Lose Vs. Rams On Sunday Night

Discussion in 'Seattle Seahawks' started by BigBlueBruiser, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. According to Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times, a majority those who responded to a poll on the Seattle Times' website Sunday and Monday said they'd prefer Seattle lose the regular-season finale to St. Louis. Should the Seahawks make the playoffs at 7-9, they could choose no better than No. 21 overall in the first round because playoff teams are allocated the final 12 spots of the first round, even if a non-playoff team has a better overall record.

    Source: Seattle Times
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  2. That is one of the most idiotic things I've ever heard......sure winning the division with a losing record is not exactly something to be proud of.....but at least your in the playoffs. Anything can happen

    But I can sense that they won't to get embarrassed at home against Atlanta or New Orleans in the Wild Card either.
  3. CaptainStubing

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    ok ........ ??
  4. ollysj

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    Screw this whole pathetic division....
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  5. andy82

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    That's fine by me. We may not deserve it, but after the last five years, I would be more than happy to see the Rams play some play-off ball. We couldn't do any worse than our last play-off appearance (47-17 @ Atlanta back in the 04 Season).
  6. themush

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    And they talk of taking the team away from Jacksonville? Fans wanting a team to lose? That's insane.
  7. Walnuts

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    I want teams to lose a lot. Like every week, I'm basically wanting one out of every two teams in the league to lose. Does that make me a bad fan? Well? Does it?:icon_evil:
  8. themush

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  9. Sweets

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    mush you should see the site, idiots are wanting the 49ers to lose this last game so that they can move up in the draft and give picks away to pick up Andrew Luck...freaking asses......

    I'm sorry but I never want my team to deliberately lose games to move up the draft ladder, I mean the point of competition is to win, isn't that the point of playing games?
  10. DawkinsINT

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    Rebuilding starts with a sense of winning. Victories lead to belief more than draft picks.
  11. bigsexyy81

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    I was about to say that it's an exaggeration, but I just heard a bunch of jackasses on the radio saying it.

    This town is full of yuppie dipcraps that don't know football.
  12. DawkinsINT

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    Grunge, coffee, and Meg Ryan!
  13. BoltzRule

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    Its not even like the draft is a guarantee. Crap the whole point of the draft is to build a team that is capable of going to the playoffs with a shot to win the SB. Who knows what happens once you get in especially when you get a home game.
  14. themush

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    Boltz is absolutely right. The draft for the most part is a crap shoot. Wanting a better pick in the draft is like being one of those dumb asses that camp outside Best Buy before Christmas.
  15. This thread has given the NFC West more exposure than they received all season! lol :peace:
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  16. bigsexyy81

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    Coffee? Hell yeah. Iced double nonfat no-whip white chocolate mocha.

    Grunge? Come on now. It's almost 2011.

    Meg Ryan? I'm okay with that.
  17. DawkinsINT

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    Eddie Vedder still rocks, dude. He's been known to wear a Seahawks jersey. He wants the win, not the draft pick, I'm sure.
  18. bigsexyy81

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    Screw yeah Eddie wants the win.
  19. warcrychief

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    :laughpound: rep lol

    But i saw this crowd first hand...KC @ Seahawks. it just felt like i was going 2 a funeral...idk way it just did. only at certain times of the game did you feel the excitment for their team. other wise i felt like i was at a coffee shop lol
  20. DawkinsINT

    DawkinsINT Tebow free since 9/5/2015.

    Served by Eddie Vedder or Meg Ryan?