Seahawks GM says head coach Pete Carroll is 'all about team'

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    Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider, giving a rare media interview Friday, said coach Pete Carroll is a low ego guy who cares only about the team getting better.

    "The thing that stands out about Pete is it's just all about the team and competing and getting better every day," Schneider said on 710 ESPN Seattle radio. "It's not about him. All he cares about is getting better. 'Are we getting better?'"

    Carroll has said many times that the team would not be where it is today without his strong working relationship with Schneider over the past four years.

    Schneider was asked what stands out to him about Carroll.

    "Low ego,'' Schneider said. "That's easy. People have certain perceptions of coaches, but he's the same guy all the time. It's just a blessing to work with a guy like that.

    "You are going to have differences along the way, but there's always give and take. It's not, 'I have to have this player.' That doesn't exist with him. If we feel we made a poor decision, it's 'How do we fix it?' That's who is he. First and foremost, Pete knows who he is as a person."

    Source: ESPN
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    Nice story but I wish the camera wouldn't find him on game day.
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    Agreed. I like the team, but I can't stand Carroll.
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    Carroll - Low ego? It comes off more like an "act" than genuine...
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    I believe he's a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. The gub'ment is gonna make sure he doesn't win the Super Bowl.