Seahawks RB LenDale White On Way Out Of Seattle

Discussion in 'Seattle Seahawks' started by Sweets, May 28, 2010.

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    The Seahawks cut LenDale White on Friday, and in fact a press release was posted on the Seattle Seahawks' Web site a little bit after noon stating White had been released according to Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times. The release is no longer posted online, and been deleted, but you can see the headline that appeared via a screen grab of the Google search: The Seahawks have not announced the move formally, and a message left for White's agent has not been returned, but indications are that it was not a mistake and White is going to be released. It is a surprising move to say the least. Seattle acquired White in a trade from Tennessee on the third day of the NFL Draft. The Seahawks didn't give up much to acquire White and defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson, sliding down a few spots in the fourth round and a few spots in the sixth.

    Source: The Seattle Times
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  2. Bears 88

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    Must've been too much meat loaf.
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    The Seahawks cut LenDale White on Friday afternoon, officially making a move that was foreshadowed when a press release announcing the move was posted prematurely just after noon.

    That initial announcement was taken down, but The Seattle Times confirmed that White's release was, in fact, imminent and reported that. Just before 2, the move was officially made.
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    Too much meat loaf? wtf, that makes no sense
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    Can't say I'm surprised, but I wanted Jones gone first.
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    Fatty? The guy came in at 219 hardly fat.
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    lol...Len Whale...

    Wonder what really happened...must've been Epic!
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    When your old college coach cuts you before you've taken a snap for a team that just traded for you....yeah you're done.
  10. Bears 88

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    219 isn't exactly light weight either.
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    88, 219 for a RB isn't fat, period...I agree 86 something else is behind all this stuff.
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    The Titans look pretty smart, and I bet you he was cut because of his attitude.

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    Ahh, a 4 game suspension for ped's. Usually players gain weight from steroids, thats wierd.
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    I've just read that its drug related so far, with no details on what type of drugs.

    Maybe he took Starcaps to lose the weight :icon_cheesygrin:
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    It's about perfect for a RB his height in theory. When he was 235-240 (or more) he was clearly chubby. I just read he's potentially facing a suspension too so I would assume that probably plays into the situation.
  16. He has probably lost most of his power though which is really unfortunate.
  17. K Train

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    219 is extremely lean for his frame...he looked solid at 230 and wasnt even that fat at 255 his senior year. the len whale jokes dont really work anymore.

    that being said he was never a "powerful" runner
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    This, LenDale has a wide frame, 219 for a guy like him playing football is actually perfect......sadly, he weighs less than I do *gets back in gym*
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