Seattle Cook Accused Of Spitting On Steeler Fans Burger

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by 86WARD, Mar 29, 2008.

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    Get over it already...:laughy32: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. If I was a Seahawk fan I probably would of to. There was so many bad calls in that SuperBowl I would still be pissed.
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    As a Steeler fan...and a football fan...I'd agree that there were bad calls in that Super Bowl.....but the thing that non- Steeler fans forget about is all the bad calls that went against the Steelers in the Colts game. "Miraculously" though the Steelers still won and went on to win XL. If you follow logic they never should have been there because there were bad calls against them and that always means you LOSE, right?
    I agree....get over it. You can overcome bad calls or you can use them as excuses.
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    That's known as a Spittsburgher.

    Sorry. :icon_redface:
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    ugh....should neg rep ya for
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    I tried to negative rep myself. I got this:

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    Wouldn't let me Neg rep ya either.....

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    Well I already pos repped him for it, so give up. :tease:
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    What an idiot.

    The "Roethlis-Burger" comes with glass shards and a free hood ornament, like a bastardized Happy Meal!

    Jeezuz, just when I thought people in this area couldn't get any stupider...
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    You'd be surprised. :icon_eek:
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    One bad call...the penalty on Hasselback's tackle. Other than that, the game was called fair on both sides.

    The Steelers had about 5 "bad calls" against them in their run to the Super Bowl. Great teams, Champions over come it.

    Oh...we're even now...I should negative rep you for that...

    However, I did laugh...:icon_lol:

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