Second Lawyer Says Alleged Punch By Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew Caught On Video

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    On Thursday, Gregory Anderson -- an attorney representing alleged victim Kasim Howard and the Conch House -- said video of the alleged incident existed. Anderson also said the video would show Howard was "viciously attacked and severely injured."

    Now a second attorney has come forward saying there is video of the alleged incident from the Conch House, according to the St. Augustine Record.

    Howard's attorney, Patrick Canan -- who took over for Anderson in the representation of Howard -- released a statement on Friday.

    "Thus far, according to press releases, Mr. Jones-Drew has denied attacking Mr. Howard at the Conch House," the statement said. "Thankfully, the Conch House has an extensive video surveillance system. The altercation and immediate flight from the scene were captured on two separate video cameras."

    The statement continued: "I understand from press releases that Mr. Jones-Drew is cooperating with law enforcement. I am hopeful that his cooperation includes a truthful admission in which he takes responsibility for his actions."

    Source: CBS Sports
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