Smith ready for third-year surge

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by TDJets72027, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. SRW

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    Yeah being a Titans fan I am worried about that too....

    I think Darrell Jackson is the x-factor. He needs to be healthy and also shore up his butter fingers. If he can step his game up he can be HUGE in the 49ers offense.
  2. Digitool

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    Jackson brings a big target but Arnaz Battle has done nothing but increase in value every year. He's going to be a consistently reliable reciever to go to. DJax will draw double team and give him more oppertunities.

    Along with the WR threats, that opens things up in the middle for VDavis if he matures this year... and down low on check-downs to Gore which is always a popular option for Smith, and you know Gore can do great things once he gets momentum built up.

    I really can't wait to see what we can put together in the first quarter on monday. Its a shame I work an evening shift on monday, I think i'll be "sick" and just watch the pre-season game on ESPN lol.
  3. Uncouth

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    I don't get it. Every time I read this board you guys are always bashing Smith. It looks like you guys never have confidence in your QB.
  4. Sweets

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    Says the guy who has Brady....
  5. Uncouth

    Uncouth Fuck it

    LOL Even if Brady had a crapty season I wouldn't snitch about it.
  6. 49ers121

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    Niner fans have been blessed with great quarterbacks thats why we bash smith. I usually give him the benefit of the doubt though.
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    Think back 15 years... :icon_cool:

    No, really? :icon_eek: :icon_mrgreen:
  8. BarlOwens

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    Sure looked kid in that preseason game....He was smooth and on target back there...Throwing that pass at champ bailey to Jackson ON THE MONEY 18 yards down the field...then the arnez battle pass to the goalline...feeling good about his performance...the defenses porous tackling was another thing...
  9. Platoon 86

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    Agreed, Smith seemed very comfortable during that game. He made some great plays. The Defense was looking bad though, too many missed tackles. The Denver RB's were killing us.
  10. TDJets72027

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    I told you Smith was gonna have a good season.
  11. BarlOwens

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    that run by Henry where he straight ran over Spencer and Lawson (?) was pitiful...and even Moore missed a sure tackle for a loss on henry..They looked SLOPPY...
  12. Platoon 86

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    Yeah I know. Moore couldv'e stopped Henry behind the line and he just let go of a sure tackle. They were playing awful that game. I liked Terrell Brown's Interception though, that was an impressive play.
  13. BarlOwens

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    Yeah, that was damn impressive..first time they threw at him..he was all over it..shawntae is going to be out of a job here soon if he keeps playing as poor as he has been...
  14. 49ers121

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    I heard that Nolan is considering benching Moore....that's a bad idea IMO.