Sources Reveal Details Of Proposed CBA

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by 86WARD, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. ravenfan52

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    What did Florio say on the radio, mush?
  2. Agent Zero

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    Roger Goodell better not heck this up. I swear that guy is the Antichrist..
  3. themush

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    Players now view Goodell as a sock puppet because he can't approve or disapprove anything regarding the lockout or any ideas to end it. He believes a deal will be done by June 30th before the July 4th weekend.

    He also said there might be a 6 city Super Bowl rotation. Like Miami, Tampa, New Orleans, L.A., Dallas and the last spot reserved for any city that builds a new stadium with in that time frame.
  4. Chipper10

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    The superbowl city location could be interesting, though northern cities will begin to snitch about not getting their chance.
  5. 86WARD

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    [MENTION=1760]themush[/MENTION]. Maybe the reverse??!
  6. 86WARD

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    That Super Bowl rotation would suck...
  7. BoltzRule

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    LA doesn't even have a team, and why Tampa? I understand why they would pick Miami, NO and I guess Dallas just because of Jerry Jones and the stadium.

    Maybe have Tampa and Miami alternate, LA and SD alternate (if LA ever gets a team and if it isn't the Chargers), NO and Dallas alternate, then leave 2 open spots for new stadiums or a northern city.

    Jacksonville should never get a SB again though. This way it spreads it more than the proposed format. I think the prime cities would be happy to get a SB every 8 years.
  8. 86WARD

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    Why they would be so fast to put Dallas in the "rotation" is beyond me since they did such a horrendous job the last
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  9. BoltzRule

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    I don't think they should be in the rotation but Jerry Jones would force Dallas to be in any kind of rotation and I doubt Goodell has the balls to stand up to him.
  10. 86WARD

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  11. codatious99

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    the deal almost looks fair for each side

    its time to make some money thats why this is getting done
  12. themush

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    Umm as a Tampa homer, I'll say we have produced some of the most successful SB's as far as attracting fans and revenue for the city. Something the NFL looks for.

    Who wouldn't want to come to the west coast of Florida during late January/early February? Sun, beaches, and a great hospitality industry. Considering tourism is our top revenue source.
  13. BoltzRule

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    Tampa isn't as bad as Dallas, but I'm not sure if they're so great to automatically warrant a SB every 6 or so years. I would pick them over Dallas though and at least they have an NFL team.
  14. Dragonite

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    I agree, Tampa makes sense, but this Super Bowl rotation will end badly when every city not included snitches about it.
  15. 86WARD

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    Tampa makes much, much, much more sense than Dallas.
  16. DontKnowMe

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    Bring it back to Houston.
  17. Dragonite

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    BRING IT TO CLEVELAND!!! :icon_cheesygrin:
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    Ditto for Miami.
  19. bandi

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    Is it over yet? :icon_sad: