Stan Van Gundy Wants To Stay With Orlando Magic

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    Magic coach Stan Van Gundy wants to return to Orlando next season, he told the Orlando Sentinel on Saturday."I don't have a scenario in my head where I wouldn't," Van Gundy told the newspaper. "They're going to have to make decisions. But I'm a basketball coach and I know this: I don't want to go anywhere else. I mean, I love Orlando, and this is where I want to be. And I want to coach."Van Gundy said Thursday he knows franchise player Dwight Howard has asked that he be fired."They haven't told me anything," Van Gundy said Thursday of Orlando management, "and they don't need to. I'm the coach right now, and I'm the coach until they decide I'm not the coach. It's 12:02 right now. If they want to fire me at 12:05, I'll go home and find something to do. I'll have a good day."

    Source: ESPN