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Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by Jihad Joe, Apr 5, 2010.

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    Lost in all the Flozel talk is the fact that we cut our starting starting Free Safety.

    Now obviously Hamlin was slightly above trash (I'll give him a little bit of cred), and this was a move that you knew was coming. But it still leaves us with a change. How do you see the Free Safety position shaking out next year?

    With what we have on hand, we are not forced to draft a 2010. Not saying it wouldn't be wise, but our hand isnt forced to reach for Nate Allen at 27 or something similar. We can still draft for value at that spot, and value at the safety position as a whole.

    He is my take on what we have on hand at the moment

    Alan Ball: Versatile DB with good man coverage for a Free Safety. Has started games at the position. Three full seasons in the defense. Doesnt have ball skills, and was only really passable as a FS. Not much of a factor in run support

    Mike Hamlin: More of a pure Safety than Ball. Has good ball skills, and is considered a CF type. Projects to be a good run support safety. Doesnt have good man coverage skills, and is less athletic than Ball. Very little NFL experience

    With Ball, we at least know he can be a passable Free Safety, wont be a liability, but wont be a strength either. His true vaue to us is his CB/S flexibility. If Hamlin can beat him out, then we at least know that Hamlin is more than passable. Hamlin also offers flexibility, be able to play both FS and SS.

    Now here are some guys I would like to see us target in the draft

    -Earl Thomas: Our FS wet dream. Slight chance he will fall to 27, but very good chance he will be available at a reasonable trade up position, ala Mike Jenkins

    -Nate Allen: Classic CFer with good ball skills.classic overacheiver with marginal athleticism. Would be a good trade down target.

    - Morgan Burnett: Much more athletic than Allen, but needs alot more work than Allen. Might be useless to us in 2010

    -AOA: Might be the most intriguing DB in the draft. Could develop into either a CB or a FS in the NFL. From what Im to understand his position at Indiana (PA) was more a hybrid position than a CB or Safety spot. Great ball skills and man coverage ability (as well as return ability), but while Morgan may be use less to us in 2010, AOA will more certainly (other than in the return game) be use;ess to us in 2010

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    I also want to add that if we dont draft someone high, and there is an open comp, I can see Watkins pushing. Maybe not getting it, but making a run at it

    He is a rangy guy with ball skills and has started, albiet poorly
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    Could you dumb this down to 2 lines of text for us morons, please?
  3. Roy31

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    Whatever happens I do not want Nate Allen or Alan Ball starting back there. God forbid we draft Nate Allen, he probably wouldn't even beat out Ball to start. Sharper is an option and I do like Morgan Burnett, we need somebody with some ball skills back there.
  4. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    What dont you like about slow

    Also Atogwe is unrestricted on June first. I think thats why NOONE has gone after him
  5. Roy31

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    I don't like anything he brings to the table and I don't see him being successful at all in the NFL.
  6. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    I think you are the first Cowboy fan Ive seen that didnt like Allen

    What are your thoughts on AOA?
  7. The Manster

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    I think Dallas is looking to draft either a FS or a OL in the first round. If Dallas goes for OL in the first I think someone they will be looking at is Chris Cook. He played CB mostly in college but fits best as a FS in the NFL. He has the size 6'2" 212 lbs. and runs in the mid 4.4s.