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    State of the Team Cleveland Browns

    The Browns surprised everyone last season with young QB Derek Anderson leading the ambush. The Browns proved the offense was potent, but also couldnt stop a High School Girls Field Hockey team from scoring on them. Savage, instead of sulking in the fact that the Browns had no first round pick, went out and picked up players to fill in the holes of the sieve he called a defense.

    Coaching Changes

    They named Richard McNutt assistant defensive backs coach and Chris Caminiti assistant special teams coach. Caminiti will also carry the title of head coach liaison. He was a special assistant to head coach Romeo Crennel last year. McNutt played cornerback at Ohio State in the 2000-02 seasons. During his last two seasons his position coach was Mel Tucker, who was promoted to defensive coordinator this year after serving three years as Browns defensive backs coach. McNutt spent the last four years as defensive backs coach at Toledo (2007), Virginia Military Institute (2006) and Washington & Jefferson College (2004-05).

    2008 Team Needs

    OLB Kamerion Wimbley has shown signs of putting it all together, but needs to play more consistently. Willie McGinest is ancient and the Browns need to find a replacement who can get to the QB and also play the run. Losing

    CB Eric Wright was drafted to become a starter, and that he did. However, he is young and can still get better. Trading Bodden for Rodgers opened a hole at Cornerback that the Browns will try to address late in the draft.

    DE The 3-4 defense needs multiple solid players up front, and Cleveland is lacking in that department. They got better getting Corey Williams who will move from Tackle to End to play End, replacing Orpheus Roye who was cut at the end of February, and could shift inside when the Browns use a four man line. Shaun Smith is a more than adequate back up at NT and LE, but Robaire Smith isnt scaring anyone.

    OL The Browns have put together a stout Oline, the only problem is depth. They could use 1 or 2 versatile young lineman to give them insurance against injury.

    RB - Jamal Lewis is an old 29 and they should think about getting a replacement sooner rather than later.

    Possible Free Agent Solutions

    Free Agency for the Browns was a very busy time for both signing players and making trades. They open it with a bang, by getting big Shaun Rodgers for Bodden and their 3rd round pick. They follow this up by signing Donte Stallworth to compliment Stud Braylon Edwards and TE Kellen Winslow to form an extremely formidable passing game. The very next day they trade their remaining pick in the first 3 rounds to the Packers for young DT Corey Williams. They have immediately bolstered a Dline that was 27th in rush defense, which in turn will help a pass defense ranked 24th, despite the loss of Bodden. The Browns obviously felt that they didnt want to wait for the draft to use their picks.

    Possible Draft Solutions:

    I dont know how many solutions a team can get from 4 late round picks. Well, their first pick isnt until round 4 (pick 118). They also have a pick in the 5th (147), 6th (181) & 7th (213). Consider the Browns draft for 2008 like this:

    1st round: Brady Quinn
    2nd round: Corey Williams
    3rd round: Shaun Rodgers

    If a team were to come away from a draft with those guys, a fan of that team, knowing the potential and quality of the players acquired, would have to be happy.


    The Browns feel like they solved many of the problems they faced on Defense and on paper, certainly look the part. Derek Anderson comes into this camp as the starter, something totally new for him. The Browns seem poised to make a run, but people seem to forget that these are the Browns. Anderson is anything but consistent, putting up rather terrible numbers beginning in Week 11. Starting with the Arizona game on Dec. 2, his accuracy was non-existent & his numbers fell. He threw seven touchdowns and eight interceptions during this time. Some of his poor play can be blamed on the weather, but not for the game in Arizona and not in the Pro Bowl. Having an all-star supporting cast in the Pro Bowl, Anderson misfired for 16 incompletions in 26 passes, had one pass intercepted and one interception dropped. Quinn has already stated that he plans on winning the starting job in camp; I just wonder how much inconsistency Crennel will be able to stand before he makes a change.