Steelers 2014 Draft Grade

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    1st Round Pick, 15th Overall – LB Ryan Shazier, Ohio State In terms of talent, Shazier was an excellent value with the No. 15 pick. Shazier’s combination of speed and athleticism is rare among all prospects in this draft. Although I personally feel that the Steelers should have gone with a top cornerback at this pick, […]

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  2. 86WARD

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    Their whole draft seems like it was based on speed...and I think it's a great move.
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  3. mnagy

    mnagy Steelers Writer appears so...the shazier, archer, and Richardson pick are strong indicators
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    I'm actually not buying that they wanted Fuller with their first pick. I think Shazier was their guy all along and he's a guy that can match up and has the speed to cover TEs...a position that would kill the steelers in the past.

    In today's NFL, there's a whole lot more sideline-to-sideline and I think the Steelers are fitting themselves to that.
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  6. Kurt

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    Until they protect Big Ben they anit gonna make it Deep
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    They won a Super Bowl and made it to another with a terrible OL. Much worse then what they have now
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    Not all of those sacks are the O-Line's fault...most, but not all and without looking, I'd be willing to guess that last season it was better than previous years.

    The return of Pouncey (for however long he can stay healthy) and the addition of Munchak can only help...
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    Completely agree. They still need a true left tackle. They have a lot of young talent on the line but none of them are true left tackles