Steelers CB William Gay Comments On Adrian Peterson Collision

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    William Gay held up fairly well as a focal point of Minnesota's game plan. He did not, however, hold up well in a collision with Adrian Peterson on a 29-yard pass play in the fourth quarter. "He can't be human," Gay said. "Dude's made of steel." The Steelers held Peterson to 69 yards and 3.8 per carry, easing concerns about how they would hold up in the run game without Aaron Smith.

    Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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    :icon_cheesygrin: I saw Peterson go thru him like running over a 3 year old. It was sweet.
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    I think I saw that play.
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    It was like AD wanted to just knock the Gay right out of him. :icon_eek:
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  5. SoDev

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    :Loco: rep


    It was a beastly play.
  6. K Train

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    most dbs would have been on their butt....he wasnt the first one to be abused by AD and he wont be the last
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    Everyone knows that. Don't get defensive.

    [ame=]YouTube - Adrian Peterson trucks Steelers William Gay - NFL 10/25/09[/ame]
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    it wasnt so much getting defensive, it was just saying that he gets alot of crap for being trucked over when he actually had a decent game and made alot of open field tackles
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    K you are very defensive. This isn't about how poor or well Gay played but how much of a monster AD really is.
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    What a hit!!!
  11. 86WARD

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    He also missed a few open field tackles against the Vikings. I counted at least three that were very noticable. I thought he had a rather below average game for William Gay...

    But your right...there's been a lot that have gotten trucked and there's going to be a lot more in Peterson's future...nasty!
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    i understand....pure animal lol

    it wasnt a reaction to this thread in particular....but alot of steeler fans said he got picked on and had an awful game and we should have kept mcfadden, he really didnt. he had a pretty good game despite running into a brick wall that everyone clearly saw and will remember
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    I think Gay said it best, I don't think he is human.
  14. 86WARD

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    That's just silly...:icon_rolleyes:
  15. K Train

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    well i saw him bring down rice and harvin a few times by himself....they were important tackles at the time.

    ike didnt have a great game either though....and he was in position constantly.....favre was straight up money on 90% of his throws, they were beautiful passes.

    but at the end he had to throw that pick 6....such a good end
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    He didn't give up on the play, he almost tackled him by grabbing his foot. He got ran over in a winning effort, cool.
  17. 86WARD

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    I wasn't impressed with Ike either. He just looked a little sluggish and out of it. Rice abused him a few times.
  18. K Train

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    the thing was he was good in coverage and always in position. i refuse to criticize him because i really believe most of favres throws were just brilliant. (until the 4th quarter) but he was money with throws and his chemistry with rice and harvin is extremely impressive