Steelers D-Line Coach Excited About DE Ziggy Hood In 2010

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    Asked about the state of his defensive line, Steelers assistant head coach John Mitchell said he believes the Steelers' defensive line should become even stronger this season because of a projected increase in playing time for Ziggy Hood, the team's first-round draft pick in 2009. Hood has a better understanding of the defense entering his second season and his mechanics should allow him to remain on the field longer. Mitchell envisions a defensive line rotation including Hood, Nick Eason and Chris Hoke. "I'm really excited about Ziggy. The transition he's made from his first year to his second year has been tremendous," Mitchell said. "He's using his hands better. Last year, Ziggy let people into his body. Right now, he's playing with better pad level, he's using his hands better and he's staying on his feet."

    Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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    lol i wish the archives went back far enough to here this clown rave about him last year and say the same thing about how he uses his hands so well....freaking goobers
  3. blkngldbabe

    blkngldbabe Come Get Some! way the kid could have improved. *insert eyeroll here*
  4. K Train

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    they will just rave and rave about him as he sits on the bench to disguise their failure of a first round pick
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    your disguise isn't holding up too well while were on the subject.
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    lol...God forbid he improve at all...
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    I hope he improves this year it will only help us in a rotation we will see this preseason!