Steelers QB Dennis Dixon Still In The Hunt For The Starting Job

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    The Steelers have had a quarterback controversy since March 5. Except when Ben Roethlisberger was in there, Byron Leftwich virtually ran all of the first-team practices in training camp after running most of them in the spring. Coach Mike Tomlin was quoted in his own team's newspaper, Steelers Digest, in the spring that he would have his starting quarterback in place by the start of training camp. But Tomlin so far has refused to state that Leftwich is his starting quarterback, and Dennis Dixon refuses to believe the door is closed to him. Saturday night, Dixon made his case and, if he continues to play the way he did against the Lions, that case may not be closed.

    Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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    If Leftwich loses his first game and looks bad, put Dixon in there for the next 3, show people what he can do and trade him
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    Hopefuly dixon gets his shot next game!