Steelers Shut Down RG3, Defeat Redskins 27-12

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    Ben Roethlisberger tossed a trio of touchdown passes on Sunday as the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Washington Redskins, 27-12, at Heinz Field.

    Roethlisberger threw for 222 yards on 24-of-33 passing and Jonathan Dwyer carried the ball 17 times for 107 yards to lead the Steelers (4-3) to their sixth straight victory at home.

    Robert Griffin III struggled to find his rhythm all day, as the rookie signal-caller completed just 16-of-34 passes for 177 yards and one touchdown, while managing just eight rushing yards on six carries.

    Alfred Morris carried the ball 13 times for 59 yards for the Redskins (3-5), who have lost five straight games against the Steelers.

    Source: Sports Network
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    Steelers did a great job of shutting down the 'Skins running game and forcing them to pbutt...the receivers on Washington helped with the record number drops for 2012.
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    [ame=]Redskins vs. Steelers highlights - NFL Videos[/ame]
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    [ame=]GameDay: Washington Redskins vs. Pittsburgh Steelers highlights - NFL Videos[/ame]
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    i would not say the steelers 'shut down' RG3...... i WOULD say the redskins receivers shut down RG3..... if his receivers hadn't dropped at least 10 passes yesterday, that game would have been a lot closer than it was.

    RG3 was actually finding the open receivers and throwing the ball pretty well.
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    I think they were more so talking about his running game.
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    That was tough watching all those dropped passes. Romo probably wishes the Giants could catch like that....