Steelers To Play Regular Season Game In Ireland?

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    The Super Bowl-bound Pittsburgh Steelers might also be Ireland bound for a regular 2011-2012 regular season game. That’s the word from the huddle after the team’s championship win over the New York Jets last weekend. The clincher for a Steelers appearance would likely be Dan Rooney, whose family own the franchise and who is himself the current U.S. Ambassador in Dublin. And the Echo has learned that some groundwork has already been laid for a regular season game at the GAA headquarters which has a seating capacity in excess of 80,000. A spokeswoman for Ireland’s Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport, Mary Hanafin, told the Echo Tuesday that discussions have already been held at the official level on the potential of a NFL regular season game being played in Ireland in the fall. “Minister Mary Hanafin would very much welcome such a move to hold a future NFL game in Ireland, which has such a proud sporting tradition. There would be a great welcome for visiting fans traveling with the teams to Ireland as well as huge interest locally, and a knock on boost for Ireland from a tourism perspective,â€￾ the spokeswoman said.

    Source: Irish Echo
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    heck that crap
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    Hopefully they play a rugby team.
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    screw you guys you realise how freaking hard it is for football fans like me to get to see a game? i mean spending the guts of 7 or 800 bucks to see a game once a year in London?

    bring some ball to gods country
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    Isn't that the USA? :icon_cheesygrin:

    I'm not going to spend a single € for a game at London, nor at Dublin. Let the NFL where it belongs
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    Ya would if it was in Germany ;)
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    Not sure. Maybe if the Pack would play here
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    Football is already played in Texas
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    Looks like it could happen in 2013, was never gonna goahead this year not with Notre Dame/Navy
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    well, i suppose there are enough americans living in or near ireland to attend the game ................
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    Euros watch football too, just saying...