Steelers WR Mike Wallace Expecting Big Things Out Of Rookie Antonio Brown

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    From one young wide receiver to another, Mike Wallace expects big things from rookie Antonio Brown. The first time he touched the ball in an NFL regular-season game, Brown scored on a 89-yard kickoff return in the Steelers' 19-11 win over Tennessee. During the preseason, Brown caught a 68-yard touchdown pass and displayed explosive moves as a punt returner. Wallace believes Brown is ready to make an impact as a playmaking receiver. "I told him to seize the moment. When they put you in, don't let them take you out," Wallace said. "That's the approach I took. I was like, 'Once I get in, I ain't coming out.' " Wallace, a third-round draft pick from Mississippi, dazzled with his blazing speed and started five games in 2009.

    Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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    I love the approach lets hope he takes the advise!