Step by step, rung by rung: A FitBit challenge for the ages

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    Perhaps you’ve heard of this Fitbit craze that’s sweeping the nation.

    Fitbit, or Jawbone which is the particular brand I use, is a fancy, newfangled piece of technology that one puts around one’s wrist with the intent of tracking exactly, give or take, how much one exercises. Overall activity is broken down into one, simple unit of measurement: steps, which determines how much energy one exerts in a day. These wristbands also track heart rate, calories consumed (if you type what you’ve eaten into your phone) and quality of sleep.

    You can also challenge anyone wearing the same brand wristband as you to “duels” of varying length, meaning you can not only obsess about how many steps you’re getting a day but also obsess about how much exercise your thousand, closest Facebook friends are getting.

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