Teams may try to hurt Brady

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by Bears 88, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Bears 88

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    I'm not in favor of injuring the guy.

    But, you need to hit Brady with every opportunity you have.
  2. smeags

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    belichick is bringing this on by running up the score. sure i understand the motto of "stop us" but i also understand that throwing deep with a 40pnt lead in the 4th quarter is going to bring some heat. brady is a target right now.
  3. SuperBeast

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    so nobody has been trying to hit him all season long?
  4. TJ

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    The amount of time that Brady gets to find his receivers is insane. Teams don't blitz him anymore...they throw everybody on coverage and they still get burned.

    The only team I've seen trying to get to him was the Cowboys and they had relative success...
  5. brakos82

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    But Robo-Brady will use his anti-blitz cannons at you! :icon_eek:
  6. BoltzRule

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    I'm guessing no one has tried to injure him so far, but if Bellichick and the Pats continue to rub salt on the wound all it would take is one guy to dive at Brady's knees.

    I don't advocate injuring players, but that's the risk you take when you leave starters in late in games to run up the score.
  7. BarlOwens

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    they went for it twice on 4th downs in the 4th quarter up 38-7 if I remember right? thats asking to have them send in a scrub to take him out...I would....I'd call for my most worthless player (if I was nolan, i'd send alex smith) and tell him to go for the gold...I'd pay the fine personally....heck 'em...they can go ahead and run up the score..but I'd be out for blood if I was the opposing defense...I'd find a way to hurt him and hurt him bad...

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    So,after,you don't think Harrison might take out the opponents QB on a blitz. Don't think he'd mind.he'd probably enjoy it. Big ado about nothing. Play better D might help. Thankfully the fans are much bigger whinners about this crap than the actual players. The Pats are a fun team to watch. Enjoy it. I am.
  9. BoltzRule

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    If the Pats were getting blown out and the other team was rubbing it in you don't think Harrison wouldn't take a cheap shot?

    People say these are professionals and getting paid, well shouldn't you act professional when you are obviously the superior team that day? I mean you don't have to stop scoring but there's no reason to have key starters out in the 4th quarter when you are winning by more than 35 points. Not only because of other teams, but because it's pretty stupid to put your own players in that kind of a position. How stupid would Bellichick look if he was blowing out a team and Brady got hurt for the season, just because he's trying to prove a point?

    The guy needs to put his ego away before it costs him any of his key players.
  10. TOP DAWG

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    That's why you have scrimmage games, to practice. We need to keep our timing so when we play a real team like the Colts we are ready.
  11. p-rob88

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    I wanna see his knee just get wrecked!
  12. TDJets72027

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  13. seanq

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    That's just sick
  14. TDJets72027

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    Who wouldn't be targeted when you continually go deep when you're leading big time.
  15. Dougerrrr

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    I don't condone it and I don't think there is any bounty on him but.....I think there are players and teams jealous of the Pats and if you've seen any other cheap shots dished out in the NFL....let's just say that guy from the Titans who got all nsty on that Cowboy....anyone else recall that incident? Who was it? Haywood or something like that.....anyway point being....make other players mad enough and out comes some rage and payback.
  16. BoltzRule

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    The Colts wouldn't do it, Dungy is too classy, but I could see the Mangini doing it, or it happening against the Ravens.
  17. afjay

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    Albert Haynesworth is who I believe you are thinking of.
  18. Cletusaurus

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    This has got to stop. This is getting beyond asinine. You're telling me that people are calling for a player to get hurt because his team is doing nothing wrong by continuing to play the freaking game they're getting paid to play? What's the point of playing three quarters and then calling it good? When they're actually challenged and are in a real game in the 4th quarter, but out of synch because they keep getting pulled after three quarters "in the interest of fairness," then lose, what would people say then? Grow up, for crying out loud. When in the hell did FOOTBALL become a sport for classy guys? Give me a break.

    The whole problem with this scenario is this- if Brady does get taken down by a cheap shot by some punk that can't cover his man so he goes after the guy burning him, what kind of punishment could be handed down? There would have to be proof that he had the intent to injure...

    And to answer the idiotic question posed earlier- no, I don't think Rodney Harrison would take a cheap shot at someone if the roles were reversed, because he knows he would be out of a job faster than he could say his own name.
  19. BoltzRule

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    It is a natural instinct, if someone is embarrassing you, and continues doing it you will get frustrated and do something about it. It's the way it is, that's why teams take out their starters in blowouts.

    Most cheap shots, if not all, come out of frustration.
  20. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Yeah, i'd go after Brady too if I had the chance. Once thats over, Belichick's next on the list.