Terrell Owens Still Hopes NFL Team Will Come Calling

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    It has been two full seasons since Terrell Owens last played a down in the league. Since then, there has been a torn anterior cruciate ligament, an indoor football league fiasco and a Seattle Seahawks cameo that didn't go anywhere and there also has been some bowling.

    Football has moved on, but T.O. forges ahead. A recent passing workout with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was substantial from a publicity standpoint, but Owens acknowledges the throw-and-catch session really was just a matter of happenstance.

    "We happened to be on the same field at the same time, and it obviously created a big buzz with the two of us being on the field throwing the football around," Owens told BlindsideFootball.com. "There was really nothing organized about it as far as me trying to get with the Patriots or him pursuing me or anything like that.

    "It just happened to be us being out there on the same field at the same time. He was working out with Danny (Amendola) as well as some other guys who were out there as well."

    Naturally, Owens believes he would be a good fit in New England.

    "I think that's a no-brainer," he said when asked if he'd be interested in joining the Patriots. "You look at what they've done over the years. Under the tutelage of Tom and Coach (Bill) Belichick, I think the sky would be the limit in terms of what I'd be able to do. Considering my body of work and my history of playing the game."

    Source: NFL.com
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    One or two might....they are know as prank calls.
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    Is he sharing a condo with Jeff George?
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    He thinks New England? Not sure big Bill will tolerate his Tomfoolery.
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    you never know...
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    He didn't make the Seattle team because he DROPPED THE FOOTBALL. If he was actually still a serviceable, consistent pass catcher then we would not be posting in this thread right now.